ETERNAL CONNECTIONS©- ring attachment component--Wear your rings together or separate!

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wearing my rings my thought was I would

keep them separate so I could wear them

whenever and however I wanted but in

reality and everyday wear the Rings

constantly are spinning rubbing against

each other and separating it scratches

the Rings and tribe's me crazy the only

solution was soldering them together but

then I can't change up the style or wear

them separately when I travel or am at

work I might not want to wear them both

I like mix and matching my bands but it

has become a chore to keep them from

rubbing against each other and keeping

them aligned eternal connections is a

mechanism we created to introduce new

design opportunities and solve wearable

problems ICI works by simply aligning

the mechanism sliding them into place

and locking down the clasp the finger

will hold the clasp down preventing it

from coming undone

to install easy a jeweler will need to

align the Rings how they wish to be worn

deciding whether a gap or a flush

fitting is preferred


the jeweler will Markoff make two cuts

and then solder EC into place after

blending and polish the Rings are ready

to be worn for me a perfect solution so

easy to use now my rings can easily

attach with a simple slide and no solder

EC allows me to wear my band stress free

without the worry of keeping them

aligned but with the choice of keeping

them separate it also allows me to

switch out my bands and even adding new

ones to my collection


eternal connections brought to you by

visionary jewelers