How to attach wood to a concrete floor IN SECONDS! How to attach 2x4 wood to concrete floor fast!

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now maybe you're thinking about redoing

your basement maybe you're gonna put up

a couple rooms you're gonna throw a

bathroom maybe a living area maybe an


i mean do what you want it's your house

not my business that's what i'm doing in

my basement i am building a youtube

studio where i can record and do all

kinds of things and not have to worry

about noise i want my own

area now this is all pretty easy if you

have an idea of how to frame the problem

is how do i secure the wood

to the concrete floor well there's a

couple different ways of doing it the

first method is

tap cons me personally i'm not a big fan

of tap cons

if you don't drill down far enough well

they're sticking out and you have to

have a special impact type drill

or rotary hammer to install them and not

to mention they take too damn long

don't get me wrong they work but if you

don't want to go on spending money on a

rotary hammer or

your impact drill well this is an easier

method and

way quicker so what we have here is

called a ram set

if you're professional you have already

heard of them and you probably

definitely use

them the one thing about this tool is

not only does it make it super quick to

do the work but it is really fun to use

all right so let me show you how this

thing works all right so you got your

studs put up

you know your wall was built now you got

to secure it to the concrete

concrete is pretty damn hard so instead

of sitting there drilling for an hour

and a half we're gonna use our ram set

again it is super fun to use and it is


super quick now what i usually do is

tack the wall with one nail

and then level it out and then i use my

ram set oh yeah there's two other things

you need

safety glasses and hearing protection

because this is loud

all right now here's the version of the

ram set that i bought i'll leave a link

in the description below but there's

other versions of this

some are a little bit more ergonomically

correct but for the price

this one worked for me so i got this and

i need two other things now the second

thing i need are my fasteners

this is the ram set brand it attaches

two by fours to concrete you can see it

right there i got the two and a half

inch long because i really wanted to

make sure that i got some depth

when i drove these into the concrete now

what's cool about this is basically now

but it's really hard

you got this little rubber piece up here

which i'll show you what that does here

in a bit

but basically all they are are nails

they're also super cheap and only ran me

a few dollars

now because we're going into concrete

we're gonna use the 22 calories a bunch

of different cartridges

out there on the market let me show you

a couple it's actually really simple to

pick out the shot that you need it's

color coded so for example

we're going into solid concrete so i'm

going to use the 22

yellow if i want to go into just

concrete block which is not as hard i

would go with a green

or mortar joint i would go with a brown

if i needed something more powerful i

could go with a red

or a purple so these have a hundred

shots it only ran

like four bucks for this entire box and

you really do get a lot for your money

i only paid a few dollars for this

entire box you get 100 shot

and that's what's cool about the ram set

you don't spend a lot of money for the


or the shot so let me show you how this

is used dude

what we're going to do is we're going to

open this up right here like so

we're going to take one of our fasteners

or our nails put it in

like so now this rubber piece right here

is going to allow it to set in

and it won't go anywhere now we need our

22 caliber shelf

you can see in the box there's a lot of

them and trust me these will go a

very long way now you can see it looks

just like a shell

22 cow shell but really all there is is

powder in there

when i open this up like so you can see

there's a place to put this shell

so we're going to put this in like so if

it doesn't go all the way in

just bring this barrel back a little bit

push in

and it's ready to go close it up

all right so you can see that this is

spring loaded check this out

now when i push down on this it is ready

to fire

your trigger is right here and this is

your padded handle you're going to place

your palm on here because it's going to

want to jump

all right here we go check this out i'm

going to push down

i'm gonna hold on to this padded top i'm

gonna squeeze the trigger

now what's cool is i have to remove this

casing just open it up

and it pops out you can see that smoke

and that's your spent

right there now check this out that nail

is driven perfectly down through that

2x4 stud

and into the concrete and it's not going

anywhere and not only does that seal

help prevent that fastener from falling

out of the ramp set before you fire it

it also keeps the nail from getting

loose up on top

and not only that the damn thing is

solid it's hell it will not go

anywhere and that's real nice lag and

another cool thing is you can get into


really tight areas with this i'll tell

you i wish i would have bought this

years ago i always wanted one

i was just too lazy to go up and get it

or maybe too cheap but

it's just awesome but now if you're a

diyer and you have a limited budget

maybe you want to do it yourself you

don't want to hire a professional but

you still don't want to spend

100 or 200 on a specialized tool plus

the drill bits and then the fasteners

i think the ramps that's the way to go

now if you're a professional and you

already have the rotary hammers and the

impact drills well that's fine you can


tap cons but if you're on a limited

budget you want to do it yourself you

want to fasten

the two-by-fours to the concrete i'm

telling you the ram set is the way to go

i really wish i would have bought one of

these years ago i pulled the trigger

literally and got one and i could not be

happier with the way it works now

now however i do want to let you know

this the damn thing is loud sounds like

a 22 going off so you're definitely

going to need hearing protection

and it does have some recoil even though

you have this rubber top up here when

you pull that trigger you're going to

feel it going up against your palm so i

would say

maybe wear some gloves as well my new

favorite tool

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