how to merge different PDF files in to one single pdf file (one below another)

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guys very good morning and today I am

going to explain you that how to merge

different PDF files one two three four

five six seven many number of files into

one single PDF file okay so let's see

how to do that you can do this by two

process either offline or online so

offline process is very fast but you

need to require a software you can

combine lot many files as even 100

thousands into a single file within one

or two wins but by offline mode but if

you go online it will take time because

you have to upload and download as well

so if you go for offline process that's

the best process but you need it at a

software called

Adobe Acrobat professional software

whether that you have a traversal or

full version I am using transversal so

just what you need to do is that if you

install that software on there on your

PC and the select I have two files

supposing an example this is PDF one and

this is PDF to I want to merge those two

both PDF into one PDF file one ever one

below another okay one below another so

what to do just to select those two

files okay once those files are selected

and then

right-click over them click combine

files in Acrobat ok remember that if

this absolu will not appear in your

computer if you don't have this Adobe

software list are you or do we have

crobat professional software installed

on your computer

it is not a Adobe relative or do Acrobat

professional software it has difference

ok so just click on combine files if you

do that you would get an option like

this here okay what I need to do is

combine click here on this combined file

button see here ok once you click here a

combined file of food one below another

will be generated yeah see ok one below

another is generated so both the files

are attached now if we have I have two

files so I have attached two buns if you

are different you cannot attach to even

more pillow to this PDF ok just click on

Save button and rename it ok whatever

you wish

PFF whatever you would get here your

combined file by the name whatever okay

so that's it guys if you go for

combining it by offline mode but you can

also opt for online mode then you go to

online mode you would have to browse a

stripe on Google merge PDF okay

the Lord commissions

okay the log marry side providing this

facility I specifically use this one PDF

on mass comm and you can go here browse

your files

select individual files you okay


right you have you can even add more

files by clicking this button and just

what you need to do is that just click

on the button mulch if you do that it

will be moist and ottoman

you will get a combined file but it

would take a lot more time and uploading

if you have many number of files then

you have forgot much time if you take

not much time so depending on your

physical facility and comfortability you

can use any of these options so guys

thanks a lot for watching

I have lot more solution on my channel

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my videos or bye love you guys