How To Connect Two Monitors To One Laptop (Windows 10-Best & Easiest way)

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hello everyone welcome back to our


today I'm gonna do a video about how to

set up a dual monitor system for laptops

earlier about a month or so I did a

video about how to set up the dual

monitor system for laptops with single

USB type-c code and that will you almost

got nine thousand views and I haven't

addressed over there how to set up dual

monitor setup for laptops like Asus in

five where you have at least one HDMI or

VGA port and a USB 2.0 or 2.0 port which

is fairly cheap so today we are gonna

talk about that so without further ado

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let's get started on my office setting I

have done video already about the sin

book 3 this is my super lightweight and

super fast laptop but the problem is it

only has one USB type-c port which leads

me with no options for adaptability so

what I had to do was I had to get a USB

C adapter with all the multiples which I

have talked about in depth in video I

did for this laptop which is linked up

here and at the end of the video so make

sure you check it out if you have a

laptop like this but in today's video we

will be using my other laptop which is

the Acer spin 5 this is a very nice flip

tablet like laptop pretty fast

it has 13.3 inch display with touch

screen option but in this laptop I do

get a lot of adaptability options like I

have an HDMI 2 USB 3.0 port USB type-c

charging and on the other hand I got an

extra USB C with SD card reader and all

the other but if you have this Asus pin

5 or any laptop which has one HDMI or

VGA which is pretty much rare because

new your laptops nowadays have HDMI

rather than VGA or DVI but you need at

least one of these and one USB either

3.0 or 2.0 4 doesn't really matter I

would usually rather prefer to have one

more to attach your printer keyboard

mouse and a lot of other options on top

of the charging port so if you have

these options then this is the video for

you and all you need for this set up to

work is a port like this so I have this

USB 3.0 to HDMI adaptor which I got it

for about $30 from Amazon I have linked

the purchase link in the description

down below check it out if you want to

get it it was fairly delivered quickly

in two days because of Amazon Prime

speaking of which if you want to try

Amazon Prime for free for 30 days with

zero obligation make sure you click on

the link in the description down below

and you can try them as on crime and I'm

pretty sure you'll love it so once you

get this it really you really need to

check your monitor as well I have to

monitor one is Asus which has HDMI VGA

and DVI my other monitor is Acer which

only has DVI and VGA is that it does not

have HDMI so what I had to do is I had

to purchase a converter like this so

this is also available on Amazon link is

in the description

but this converts the DVI signal to an

HDMI signal so what happens is I can

connect my DVI to HDMI the reason why I

got HDMI in the first place is because

all the newer monitors does have HDMI

unless if you are just keen on keeping

one monitor with you forever

which is rare then you need to get let's

say if you have something like this then

you can get USB 2.0 2 VG as well but I

usually keep it up to modern standards

so I got HDMI and then you can obviously

get converters like this now I'm gonna

set it up to my laptop and I'm gonna

show you in real time how it looks so

this is for the Acer monitor and I'll

attach it up right here

I do have a USB 3.0 2 x 4 USB 3.0 where

I have my mouse and my keyboard attached

so I'm gonna attach it right around here

then I'm gonna insert the HDMI and then

I'm gonna insert this USB C and that

should set up I will flip this screen

down so that everything is functional

and as you can see right away it has

three display setting over there most of

the newer laptops are compatible to

display two additional display on top of

its own if you are someone who wants to

have three three displays on top of your

own then you have to get something like

this so this is these are fairly

expensive this is a pluggable USB C

docking station and you can see it has

two HDMI and one DVI it also has

built-in graphic so it can output

your your the laptop screen and three

more displays on top of that this is for

two $39 it's on sale right now on Amazon

the link is in the description down

below but for me personally this setting

works and all I needed was just this USB

3.0 to HDMI converter and that's also

problem so I really hope you found this

video helpful please share this video so

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upcoming videos and thank you so much

for watching this video I'm gonna see

you guys in the next video till then

take care