How to make a Half Lap Joint, and a little work on the Barn

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hey how are you

well I plan on building a lamppost and

this means project but then I got a call

for a rush job on a few frames so I push

them up to the top of the list and I

plan on building the lamppost for next

week now this just turned out to be kind

of a cool thing which is a way to store

the frames while they're drying because

you have one frame here but three more

frames over here and this is just a

board clamped to my lumber rack so these

are just about done so I'm going to move

on to another project that I've been

putting off for a while and that's to

replace the corner bracing on my deck

when I built the deck about 15 years ago

I tacked a few two by fours just in the

corners with the idea that I would

replace them and it's been 15 years and

I still haven't done and that's what I'm

going to do today so I just got back

from the lumber yard with a 4 by 4 by 10

and I'm ready to get to work

I'll start by removing the old bracing

and I'll use a cat's paw to remove the


once I've started to nail with the cat's

paw then I'll use the claw of the hammer

each brace is going to measure about 58

inches so I'll start by cutting the four

by four by ten in half

I've got the bracing up temporarily and

I wouldn't walk underneath it but it's

up strong enough that I can now trace a

line because the next step is to make a

half lap joint

to make the half lap joint I've set the

depth of my circular saw blade to half

the thickness of the 4x4 which is about

an inch and 3/4 and now I'll cut

directly along the line that I just

traced and then I'll move the saw over

about a quarter of an inch each time and

make several passes until I get to the

end of the board and then I'll knock the

pieces of wood out with a hammer and

then clean it up with a sharp chisel


I finished with both half-lap joints and

now I'm going to drill to countersink

holes for the lag bolts and a washer

and now I'm using a 3/8 inch drill bit

to drill through

I'll get the lag started by hammering it

through the brace and into the hole that

I just pre-drilled and then I'll tighten

it up with a socket wrench I've secured

the top of the brace with two three

eighths lag bolts now I'm going to

secure the bottom and the first step is

to pre-drill into the post with a 3/16

inch drill bit and that's the pre-drill

for the three eighths lags

okay well this one's done and it really

didn't take very long it's kind of

surprising that it took me 15 years to

get around to doing this and the next

one I'm going to do right now but I'm

not going to bother videoing it because

it's basically the exact same project

have a good weekend and I'll see you


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