1 lb. propane bottles and fireside chat

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everybody its Craig we're out in the

shed today and a nice fire going

it's pretty cold out here about 20

degrees today 21 it's really cold so

what I did is and a couple of things I

needed to do one was to get the screens

out of the windows just so don't get

damaged and also I got two gable vents

that I closed off with some plywood that

keeps the heat in and stops that wind

from blowing the shed is not not tight

so we get enough ventilation in through

any of the doors the double doors here

so you know what I wanted to kind of

talk to you today about is these one

pound propane cylinders that I use quite

often one you can see this has a

attachment for a lot of torch and I used

them for a buddy heater for my shanty

which is right over here when I go ice

fishing so recently I bought one of

these what did I call them just after

that goes on the 20-pound tank and then

on this end and then it goes on the

one-pound tank

you took the 20 pound upside down and

you fill it well the issue with doing

that that I found and and this is why I

won't be doing that any longer is close

you can see there that's your pressure

relief valve and that pressure relief

valve when this tank should this tank

exceed I don't know 200 to 50 to 40 psi

usually when the temperature is outside

is is high this little pin in there

which is really just like a Schrader

valve will just pop out and it will

release the pressure in order to fill

these things to get a proper fill and in

a proper fill is not to the top they can

only be filled to about 80 or so percent

because the the gas has to be able to

expand so what you do is when you fill

it from a 20 pound using this adapter

that I just showed you you

to actually pull on the Schrader valve

to get the gas the the the gas out so

you can get the liquid to fill that

volume and then once you start seeing

the spray of propane then you know that

you are you know you've got your sixteen

and a half ounces of propane and it's

what's considered full the issue is this

Schrader valve is not designed to be

pulled on repeatedly for a repeated fill

putting a very small set of needle nose

pliers on that Schrader valve actually

started chewing it up and I had a very

difficult time trying to get that thing

to reseat so what wound up happening was

two things I had a leak I had a leak

first of all from this part which was

only nine dollars including shipping

from amazon but the leak is coming right

from here so even though this was tight

on both ends to the 20 pound tank and

the one pound it was leaking here

propane being heavier I have heavier

than air will sink and that gas you

could you could clearly smell it based

on the the chemical that they put in

there and that filled the garage pretty

quickly so I knew that I had quite a

quite a leak going on so I stopped what

I was doing

ventilated the garage and tried doing it

again and then once I tried doing it

again ran into a similar similar problem

that traitor valve would not seat

properly so for the amount of money that

you can save in filling these one-pound

tanks these one-pound tanks go for about

375 at Walmart and sometimes you can get

them on sale for a 2-pack or more I just

don't see the value in doing it so I

I've decided that I think the next step

will be to actually purchase the there's

there's a kit or there's a new tank that

you can buy there's a new tank that you

can buy that is designed much thicker

than these these are only designed for a

one-time one fill this is very thin

sheet metal hot rolled steel the there's

I think it's called flame King has a

similar type tank that's built to the

standards of a 20 pound tank meaning

with the thicker amount of sheet metal

to protect it from the constant

expansion and contraction from being

filled and being used when you fill it

it utilizes an allen key so when you are

hooked up and you're you're filling the

bottle you release a small allen key

that allows the gas to come out safely

and then when the propane liquid starts

coming you shut it right off and you've

got your fill so I've decided that I'm

gonna go with that route you know I know

you can buy these things really cheap on

Amazon I know there's a hundred or more

videos on how to do this and save money

but we're really talking about a safety

issue in in my opinion and one the

safety issue is this is just a horrible

design because it's just inside here not

even a rubber stop it's just a piece of

plastic washer and the gas escapes

around it so that doesn't work very well

maybe there's some different model or

variation of this that would work better

but either way you still have to cope

with the fact that these tanks are

really only meant and designed for a

one-time fill yeah you can do it sure

you can and people say they've done it

over and over and never had a problem

until they have a problem so I'd rather

go with something that was when it comes

to propane I would definitely rather go

with something that is safe because as I

had this thing hooked up after I filled

it a different bottle in that I could

just make out the silent hiss of of a

leak so I had to shut the flame off on

the buddy heater and I was listening and

I thought that thing is still leaking

and it was and that's not safe to have

an open flame and a leaking bottle just

you know so that was when I said that

this isn't worth it it's not worth

filling a tank for 40 cents and then you

know blowing up my garage or or my my

ice shanty while I'm out there ice

fishing in the lake so um

that's what I wanted to bring to you

today we've got a nice one we got a nice

fire going here in the shed I'm gonna

close that off and let that fire go just

clean the glass on there this thing has

actually become quite the bird killer

the European House Sparrow which is a

invasive species has been likes to go up

on the chimney and and come all the way

down to me they find themselves every

now and then inside the firebox and I'm

not out here that often so I don't I

don't find them until they're they're

piled up dead but today we found three

of them so I guess that's one way to get

rid of an invasive species so let's

doing this job multiple multiple ways if

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want to thank all of you for coming

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and we will see everybody in the next

video thanks a lot for watching