How to speak up for yourself | Adam Galinsky

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Speaking up is hard to do.

I understood the true meaning of this phrase exactly one month ago,

when my wife and I became new parents.

It was an amazing moment.

It was exhilarating and elating,

but it was also scary and terrifying.

And it got particularly terrifying when we got home from the hospital,

and we were unsure

whether our little baby boy was getting enough nutrients from breastfeeding.

And we wanted to call our pediatrician,

but we also didn't want to make a bad first impression

or come across as a crazy, neurotic parent.

So we worried.

And we waited.

When we got to the doctor's office the next day,

she immediately gave him formula because he was pretty dehydrated.

Our son is fine now,

and our doctor has reassured us we can always contact her.

But in that moment,

I should've spoken up, but I didn't.

But sometimes we speak up when we shouldn't,