How to be Assertive at Work [WITHOUT BEING AGGRESSIVE]

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Have you ever admired a co-worker who handled a tricky situation with

confidence? Have you ever wanted to do the same but perhaps didn't feel that

you had the ability to do so? Well, knowing how to be assertive at work

has its benefits and in this video I'm going to share with you four steps on

how to be assertive and respectful. Now, in order to be assertive and respectful

you got to be mindful because you have to understand what you're doing so stay

tuned to the end of this video so that I can give you a free download on how to

bring mindfulness into being assertive. Hi, if you're new here, welcome! My name is

Adriana Girdler and I'm a business productivity specialist. Knowing how to

be assertive can be tricky. It is not a natural skill that we have, however, it is

something that you totally have to choose to do and in this video I'm gonna

give you some techniques on just how to do that. Trust in yourself. One of the

first things in order to be assertive is that you have to have belief in yourself.

Do you know what you bring to the organization? Do you have any idea the

skillsets and the ideas that are going to help contribute to the bottom

line and the strategy? If you don't then in order for you to be assertive so that

you can be heard and your great ideas brought forth,

you should probably write it down. That's really the first step in order to trust

in yourself. Understand what you bring to the table, reread it many times and with

confidence and respectfulness. That's gonna help you out tremendously because

again it is how you believe in yourself that comes through in assertiveness. Are