How To Establish Leadership With Your Dog - Professional Dog Training Tips

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- Whether you are a new puppy owner who is trying

to give your dog the best information,

or you have an adult dog and you're trying

to stop some unwanted behaviors,

it's really important that you understand

how to establish leadership with your dog.

If you do a search on YouTube or a quick search on Google,

it seems like a pretty polarizing topic.

Everything from doing alpha roles with your dog

and never allowing them to walk in front of you,

all the way to it completely ignoring

some of these unwanted behaviors,

but I want you to think about maybe a teacher

in your life that you really liked,

or a sports coach who is able to, you know,

motivate you to work a little bit harder.

These people were great leaders.

Those people were able to bring out the best in you,

and you didn't have to listen to them, you wanted to.

After training thousands of dogs as a professional

dog trainer, the one thing that I've noticed