Jordan Peterson - Assertiveness Training | How To Be Assertive (Great Advice)

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what can a two agreeable young woman do

to be more disagreeable and assertive if

that isn't how she is temper mentally

inclined oh that's a good question and I

would say first of all that's a very

common question that people who go into

psychotherapy ask I think the most

common problem that psychotherapists

deal with apart from anxiety and

depression is probably assertiveness

training so the first thing I would say

is you really need to figure out what

you want and I would recommend doing the

self authoring program the future

authoring program in particular because

if you want to stand up for yourself you

have to have your goals and your vision

well laid out and well defined and then

you have to have a strategy that that is

matched to those goals so that you can

so that you know what you want so that