ADULTING 101: making a budget, paying rent, moving + more

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what's up everyone its Natalie here and

today I am filming a how to adult video

this video is really really requested

just because I feel like so many of you

guys are graduating college this year or

next year or soon or you just want to be

more of a functioning adult functioning

adult sounds bad I guess more of like I

know what I'm doing I have my life

together type of adult which don't be

fooled I'm not one of those but I can

pretend anyways I have been out of

college for a year now which is insane

because it feels like I just graduated

yesterday like I feels like I just

uploaded my I graduated college video

and the fact that I've been out of

college for a whole year it's just what

and I know a year is not that long but I

would love to share with you guys some

tips that I kind of have had to learn

this past year and also I wanted to know

that I am a hundred percent financially

independent from my parents they don't

even pay for like my health insurance

anymore so I do that on my own and I

don't have like a company I'm

self-employed so I actually am paying

for that out of pocket myself which is

not fun you guys I'm not gonna lie

that's that's not like a fun part of

being an adult but yeah I just wanted to

say I am a hundred percent independent

financially I'm just gonna jump into it

these things are just things that I've

learned from living on my own

being independent graduated college so

the first one we're gonna talk about is

budget budget is so important I feel

like the one that everyone wants to know

is like how to budget and so many of you

guys have asked me to release my excel

sheet that I have because I actually

budget on Microsoft Excel and I do have

a sheet and it kind of calculates

everything for me I've like formatted it

that way so it's very very useful and

I'm going to release that soon I'm

waiting to launch my website before I

release it because I'm gonna release it

on my website and don't worry it will be

free I'm not gonna charge you guys but I

am waiting to upload it on there so look

out for that this summer I will be

releasing at my budgeting excel sheet

anyways you need to budget long story

short that's it how I budget is I don't

cut myself off so I might say

okay I'm only gonna spend $200 in

groceries this month or whatever it is

I'm throwing out a number and if let's

say I spend a little bit more in a month

I'm not gonna like cut myself off me

like oh I can't send more than that like

I need to take away from another area or

like if I go out to eat with friends and

my budget for restaurants is like $200 a

month again and I'm already at like 190

but I have two weeks left of the month

it's more like okay the next month I

know how to adjust or I know that I need

to like do something differently it's

not like I cut myself off if that makes


though if you are one of those people

that is on a very very tight budget you

will need to cut yourself off and that's

okay do whatever works best for you mine

is basically to see how much I'm

spending where so that the following

month I'm more mindful of it and I'm

like okay Natalie I can't go out to eat

three times a week like that's I just

can't I need to eat anymore so I'm just

more mindful of it that's the way I like

to use my budget it's really really good

kind of seeing all your expenses because

you really are forced to see what you're

spending money on and what you're being

dumb about to be frank that's what

you're doing when you're budgeting how I

first made my budget is I just made it

with arbitrary numbers I said and I'll

probably spend this much on this I'll

probably spend this much on that and

then once I started actually budgeting

and like writing down all my expenses

then I started seeing okay this is

actually how much I spend so you can

adjust accordingly I personally like

using Excel sheets way more than any

budgeting apps I think I haven't mint or

whatever but I don't know the categories

they're kind of messed up and I just for

some reason I just like writing it down

I feel like if I'm forced to type it out

and type out the amount I'm like

actually seeing it way more than an app

I don't know if that makes sense I might

just be me but personally I like typing

it out and like actually seeing it for

myself and me manually putting the

categories in myself it does take time

but if you do it every few days it's

goes by really quickly and it's

something that's really important the

second thing is rent most people that

are 22 23 24 are not financially stable

enough to buy property if you are

amazing good for you share your tips but

most people right out of college or in

their young adult life are renting for a

few years and for rent it's very easy to

go over budget on rent because let's

you're taking home a paycheck that is

$1,500 every two weeks I'm just saying a

random number your paychecks $1,500 so

you're making about $3,000 a month after

taxes if your rent is $1,500 you're

spending half your money on rent that's

just stupid then you're literally

working half the month just to live

which i think is not smart at all and I

highly recommend staying away from that

I think 20 to 30 percent is the good

amount of how much you should spend on

rent so if you're making $100,000 a year

you should not be spending more than

$20,000 a year on rent or $30,000 a year

on grant and I'm doing it by year and my

easy numbers here but that's a good rule

I've also seen it online it's not

anything I made up with when I was

looking to see what I should spend on

rent I was looking at a lot of websites

and everyone said not to spend more than

20 or 30% and that's a good ballpark

range 30 is even a little bit high so

definitely try to meet in between your

budget and if you're one of those people

that wants to live alone but you can't

afford it please get roommates because

financial stress is something that it

it's so stressful

you don't you all of a sudden I feel

like you stop living like everything is

like oh my gosh but if I spend a dollar

on this Starbucks and then like over

there at Dunkin Donuts only two dollars

but Starbucks is closest to me like I'm

just gonna drive the other mile to go to

Dunkin because I'm saving the dollar

look you don't want to live that way you

don't want to live penny to penny or $1

$1 so if you can which some people

cannot and I fully understand that but

if you can't help it try to minimize

your financial stress because it is

something that is going to in it's going

to impact every single aspect of your

life it's gonna impact your social life

it's gonna impact your mental health

it's it's just not it's not something

that you want to do if you can avoid it

so spending money on rent is something

that I think is something that you

should try to minimize as much as

possible so find a roommate if you can

even if it's a random roommate there's

so many Facebook pages but just try to

not stress yourself out just to pay your

rent which is something that I am trying

to tell myself when I move to New York

because rent there is so expensive I'm

so lucky I live

in this apartment here in Charlotte's I

live in a two-bedroom apartment in

Charlotte North Carolina my room is

pretty big if you guys have seen in my

blogs the apartment itself is pretty big

we have really high ceilings

I have each of us split it's 8:35 a

month so it's pretty inexpensive

compared to this place in New York would

be like 2,000 for each of us or like

3,000 for each of us I have my own

bathroom so when I move to New York I'm

definitely going to have to adjust and

figure out wrens really really quickly

another thing you want to keep in mind

when you are looking for an apartment

though is the amenities if you're

someone who is going to get a gym

membership maybe look into an apartment

that has a gym already to save costs on

that things like that that you might

think of because just our base rent cost

is not all that you should be thinking

of you should be thinking of everything

that's included with that is parking

included with that or is the gym

included with that or whatever else

included you want to look at amenities

because those definitely do make a

difference in your price

another thing is moving into an

apartment I feel like a lot of this is

rent and like budgeting and stuff but I

feel like that's a big part of being an

adult moving into an apartment is you're

so excited to decorate your first place

and I was so excited to decorate I was

thrilled but man does that get so

expensive so every single furniture

piece in my room is from Wayfair another

thing is we just got our dining room

table and that is from Facebook market

you should look on Craigslist try to

find cheap ways to decorate you don't

want to spend a thousand dollars on a

couch or a thousand dollars on a bed

because on your first home you might

change your style you might move a lot

because people that are renting

typically tend to move like year to year

it's not very long-term when you're

renting so go cheap don't ball out on

your first apartments decoration the

next thing is food do not eat out that

often and I know that is so hard and

trusting I was one of those people that

never ever ever ever ever cooked and now

I eat out like only twice a week or

three times a week max and that's like

meals not full-on days unless they have

like visitors or something or I'm with

friends a lot but if not I cook and how

I like to cook is I like making dinner

and don't really like cooking for lunch

so I'll make a big dinner

I'll make enough that has multiple

servings I don't really like meal prep

for anything but I make enough that has

a lot of servings put the leftovers and

eat those leftovers basically until

they're done and then cook again another

dinner and then I normally only have to

cook like two or three dinners a week

and it pretty much keeps me for the

whole week and then in the mornings I

always have like eggs and avocados and

toast and things like that that are very

easy to make and I don't have to eat out

I also have a coffee maker I have an

espresso machine because I don't like

the Keurig coffee I think it's kind of

gross and I don't like plain coffee I

like lattes I have an espresso machine

and it makes the best lattes I buy oat

milk from my grocery store so I make oat

milk lattes at home I have one here

right now and it's so good I'd never buy

coffee out anymore which is something

that has saved me so much money because

if five dollars here five dollars there

adds up to a lot of money so I barely

ever go out and buy coffee which is

something I'm very proud of when I did

work like a normal job I would bring a

coffee to work every morning and I would

not be tempted by the Starbucks

downstairs in my building I'm gonna

bring my own coffee and if you guys are

like me in love lattes I highly

recommend an espresso machine I'll have

mine link down below so that you guys

can find out which one I use I has like

a milk frother it makes like legit latte

so try to save money on food is

something that creeps up on you and it

definitely will save you a lot if you do

save the next thing is bills and credit

and I recommend getting a credit card

but I feel very hesitant saying that

because some people don't know how to

use a credit card and will completely

ruin your credit so don't take my advice

if you're bad at that ask people in your

life that know you if you should get a

credit card but for me personally I

enjoy having a credit card because one

it's building my credit from a young age

which is important if you do want to

rent one day or you do want to buy one

day they check out your credit and it's

really important to start building

because when you're young you don't have

credit yet so I have a credit card I

have an American Airlines credit card so

that I know that there's a lot of

different like credit cards different

bonuses or perks or whatever I

personally like having an American

Airlines one because I fly American

Airlines the most because I live in

Charlotte and most whites are american

there and it gives me a lot of points

and when I signed up for the credit

hard and spent a certain amount it gave

me 60,000 miles so it was really

beneficial for me because I was saving a

lot in cost and travel which is the most

expensive part of my life which is what

I said my most the most amount of money

on for me is flight so it was saving a

lot of money for that and the I paid it

off every single month and I never ever

ever spent more than I have in my bank

account please don't do that

I don't think if you can help it please

I mean even if you can't like try not to

spend more than you have I know it's

tempting cuz you're like oh I'll just

pay it off next month I'll just pay it

off next month oh well you know I'm

getting paid so like I'll buy it now and

like use my money that I'm getting paid

for later no if you do not have if you

couldn't use your debit card on this

don't use your credit card on it because

that is how people get into debt and

debt is a very slippery slope so try as

hard as you can if you can't help it not

to go overboard on your credit card and

not to spend what you don't have in that

exact moment even if you're gonna get it

later on

don't spend what you don't have and pay

it off every single month set a reminder

for when to pay your credit card bill

because if you're late it affects your

credit and you don't want that another

thing is getting a job getting a job is

a crucial part of being an adult and if

you are looking to get a corporate job

if you're looking to get a part-time job

if you're looking to be self-employed

whatever it is for applying for jobs

I recommend saying I'm gonna apply to

ten jobs today for the next two weeks

until I get an interview and getting a

job now I feel like it's very tough

because everyone wants experience so a

good way to gain experience without

really like getting a job for the

experience is just starting something on

your own so if there are any side

hustles passion projects whatever you

want to call it that you guys can get

into or get interested in start those so

that you can put those to your resume so

that you do have a stand out resume when

you are applying for jobs but I

recommend using LinkedIn I recommend

using indeed if you're trying to work

for a smaller company DMing them on

Instagram I have a whole podcast on

interviewing someone who she actually

got her job through Instagram DMSO

that podcast episode down below she

lives in New York City but yeah she got

her job by literally at the end so

there's so many creative and different

ways that you guys can find a job and if

I were you I would say I'm applying to

ten jobs every single day until I find

one discipline yourself because like I

said financial stress really infiltrates

on like every single aspect of your life

and you don't want that if you can avoid

it so yeah I would recommend making your

resume more well-rounded by maybe

starting something that you really

aren't interested in and then who knows

maybe that could be your full-time job

eventually once you start making money

on it but if not just really discipline

yourself to applying to jobs and get

creative and listen to that podcast

episode if you want to know more about

that and like her whole like experience

on finding a job especially in New York

City also for a first job it might not

be your dream job and I feel like people

need to learn that because your first

job is really to get your foot in the

door we are not the generation of our

parents where we stay at a job for 40


our generation bounces around a lot good

or bad whatever you guys think about

that it's the truth there's plenty of

statistics on that so really your dream

job does not need to be the job that you

see yourself for 50 years at you just

need to get your foot in the door you

need to get experience on your resume

and then you can make connections from

there but don't be unemployed for so

long because of how picky you are with

your job because it's not forever and

that's something that I feel like a lot

of people need to hear another thing is

your health and being an adult is not

all about money and a job it is about

your health help mentally physically

whatever it is get that in check stop

drinking every night stop not working

out don't eat pizza 3:00 a.m. anymore

your college days are over get serious

about getting healthy because it does

impact so much of your life it impacts

your motivation impacts your energy

levels and working and being an adult is

very tiring so you want your energy

levels to be high but seriously your

health is so important it's so much more

than what you look like on the outside

and I definitely have something you need

to get checked because if you stop now

and you just fall into the routine of

waking up going to work coming home

eating sleeping you're going to be

very unhealthy and also that lack energy

and not be motivated and then one day

you're gonna wake up and be like how did

I get here so I think taking care of

yourself mentally and physically is

something that is so not said enough

about adulting and it's so important

because you don't have maybe in high

school you were on like the track team

or whatever so you have to go to

practice no one's telling you to

practice anymore so you need to get that

and check yourself and it needs to be

way more than like for how you look it

needs to be about how you feel

number eight is managing your day I'm

very passionate about this one managing

your day okay I use Google Calendar I

used to be a big planner person and I

kind of do want a physical planner again

but I used to be big planner girl had an

Erin Condren loved it whole nine yards

after that I was very much like an apple

calendar girl I was like calendar comes

on your phone it syncs up with

everything like I don't want to download

another app and then I somewhere more

people talk about Google Calendar and I

was like all right let me just try it

out change my life

you need Google Calendar it is the best

thing ever

I'll show you guys how I organize it if

you guys want like a video on how I

organize my Google Calendar you can add

calendars within the calendar so I have

two separate calendars I have one for

just like high-level overview so I have

like videos that need to be do videos

that I need to film appointments that I

have things that just look on my

schedule that like just so you know

that's what you have that day and then I

have a day-to-day calendar where I put I

plan out my day the day before and so

I'll say from like 9:00 to 10:30 I'll be

at the gym from 10:30 to 12:00 I'm

getting ready for this video from 12:30

to 1:30 I'm filming this video and I

break it down day by day so it's very

very specific it has helped me

tremendously especially as someone who

is now self-employed it definitely helps

me so on my schedule I had get ready for

this video and now I haven't filmed this

video and it really does see your day

because as someone who is self-motivated


I don't have people telling me what to

do and I need to really like get my

stuff together or else I'm not making

money and I'm not supporting myself then

having a Google Calendar has really

really saved me with that and also it's

just very visually appealing you can see

everything like even just like it's a

month for you everything is color-coded

for me so all my sponsor posts aren't

red all my trips are in yellow I'll have

my youtube videos that are not sponsored

aren't pink things like that and then

you can also share your calendar with

other people so if someone needs to see

what it is you can just invite them for

that specific event or you can share

your entire calendar with them this

sounds like it's sponsored by Google and

I wish it was personally but no it's not

it's just really saved my life so yeah I

start being an adult and managing your

time he's Google Calendar the next thing

is with friends and relationships which

is a huge part about your adult life

it's it really is don't only be consumed

by work I need I mean

preaching to the choir here I need to

hear this myself but let yourself have

fun let yourself hang out with people so

for me I like having face times at night

that's a good way for me to wind down so

I'll FaceTime at night and really I'm

not doing work I'm just with that other

person and it's nice so something like

that with letting yourself have that

time to connect with other people or

I'll go out to dinner on the weekends

with my roommate we haven't hung out in

a long time and honestly it's a good way

to catch up and even though we live

together we're both like have such

different schedules so we make time to

get dinner on certain weekends and yeah

not every weekend but make time for your

friends because they will keep you sane

and you don't want to be work work work

work and then at the end of the day who

do you talk to who do you care about

definitely still maintain relationships

that are important to you and the next

thing and last thing is self-care

this is self-care in terms of having

quiet time in the morning this is

self-care in making your bed in washing

your face and taking your makeup off and

eating healthy and vacuuming the floors

every now and then just things that make

you feel like you're your life together

I feel like whenever I'd make my bed I'm

like on top of the world and I have all

my stuff together

things like that few minutes a day it

doesn't even be an hour a day just for a

few minutes here and there really does

make you feel like you are on top of

your stuff and it just puts you in a

good mental state so I feel like

self-care is really really important and

something that's we got to talk about

being an adult anyway this video is

getting very very very lengthy so thank

you so much for watching I hope that

these tips helped you guys out if you're

graduating don't be scared these are

gonna be the best years of your life I

mean I'm so much happier now than I was

in college and I freaking loved college

so I mean really I really love post grad

a lot and I'm happy with where I am now

but it's not scary I mean all if I feel

like people ask a lot of times how did I

adjust like how did I go from like being

in college and like being post grad and

the truth is I didn't do anything to

address you just live your life and you

adjust I mean there's not like well I

did this ritual every morning and that

night and then I adjusted no you just

live I know that's horrible advice but

really you do and you kind of like

realize that you're you go that you have

to take start taking responsibility for

yourself a little more and you just do

it like don't you don't even give

yourself a pep talk to like pay your

bills you just pay your bills you don't

need to give yourself a pep talk to like

budget you just need to do it like so

that's something that a lot of people

ask me and I feel like I don't have a

good answer for but hopefully not kind

of like explained it but you guys are

gonna do great and if you guys did just

graduate congratulations if you guys

didn't go to college and you're kind of

just entering the world congratulations

I hope that you guys enjoyed this video

if you guys have any more tips or

anything that you want to expand upon

comment down below and I will see you

guys in my next video bye guys