Paying your Rent with a Credit Card - Step by Step

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so how exactly can you pay your rent

without getting a federal offense or

being accused of actually doing money

laundering because these techniques are

very similar to doing that exact same

thing well in this video I'm gonna teach

you guys three different ways to go out

there and pay your rent in cash if you

want to however that is not all but also

how to pay your taxes even your tuition

and on top of that really do whatever

you want with your credit card balance

even turn it into direct cash okay now

the purpose of this video is to either

get rewards pay your rent or get a

signup bonus but it's not about creating

money laundering so if you try to do

that stuff please don't watch this video

because again that's a federal offense

you can get up to 25 years in prison now

if you guys don't know me my name is

high price and I'm an accountant and the

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now comment down below guys here's a

question for you guys okay what do you

want to do with your credit card money

is it two guys sign up bonus to get

rewards comment down below let me know

but in reality if you ask me I've done

these methods all through them several

times for the purpose of just getting

some critical rewards usually between

500 to 700 dollars every single time I

use every single technique now and now

if you don't know what credit cards to

actually get to get the bonuses I

recommend checking out the doctor of is a great website with

everything you need however I'll make

sure to link down below a few videos of

mine that I've done in credit cards and

the best one that I think for business

for personally used and even for balance

transfers okay links down below to all

this information now the basic idea for

this video is basically how can you use

your credit card to pay your rent and

pay a small fee but sometimes not even

pay a single fraction of a cent when it

comes to a fee the answer is in this

video I'm gonna break down every single

method and there are three but I got

reality over five different ways you can

actually do it which I'm going to

discuss in this video right here oh and

by the way guys you guys just don't want

it for personal use and getting rewards

and sign of bonuses the truth is you can


use it not just for that but also for

business use in case just in case you

have a business credit card and you want

to do this however if you actually want

you ran low on cash you want to use a

credit card for this month you can

actually use this also but do I

recommend it the answer is usually no

because assign you're actually not doing

one business so you might want to

reconsider what you're doing however if

you just take for one month you need to

do it well this might be a great option

and sometimes you do it correctly you

can actually get at least up to six

months to pay back that money depending

on how you do it which I will break down

in this video right now now the first

way to do it is by using a service

called plastique or for example melio or

pay simple now all these methods it

working like the same thing however all

the links are down below but my favorite

one by far is plastique and when you

sign up you get up to five hundred bucks

to use without getting any fees

associated with everything okay because

usually when you use plastique they

charge you 2.5% we use melio the charges

2.9% and we'll use pay simple they also

charge you some interest also so the

consequence which one do you use and how

exactly does it work Tommy well the

answer is what these services plastic

for example all you have to do is once

you sign up you add a recipient okay the

person will send money to you add them

then you choose how you want to pay them

in this case a credit card and they'll

send them either in three methods a

cheque a paper check at ACH transfer or

even a direct wire transfer in one day

to their account and that's how

everything works but that way you can

basically send anybody what you want to

pay for it including your rent your

taxes your mortgage and for businesses

you have all these options right here

and for personal you have all these

options right here however my favorite

one by far is plastic link down below if

you use my link you get up to five

hundred dollars when it comes to using

money to us to get everything done guys

the best way to use your services we ask

to me is the only way actually is if you

have a credit card and you have a sign

up bonus to do you can use them and just

like counter off with the fee because

it's 2.5 percents a lot of money that

you pay so in reality if the entire

reward is 500 bucks 700

a 2.5 percent fee won't really matter

that much but if you're doing this just

for points use

points when they give you 1% 2% but if

it's giving you 3% it might be a good

idea but if it's not always make sure

it's making you money but not taking

money away from you and that's the best

way if you ask me and using these

services for your profit and not for the

company's profit of just spending money

I'm paying with a credit card to be

fancy but not actually doing anything

with the money and the rewards okay

that's the best way if you ask me and

now the second way to pay your rent with

a credit card is basically by using

either PayPal or venmo

to send money to a friend to then get

the cash from them and then use that

cash to do whatever you want with it

including pay your rent or you just go

out partying or go on vacation now I

will be 1000% honest here guys I've done

this in the past with PayPal but not

just any credit

I've actually used the PayPal credits

that they actually have got a credit

card in a sense which is like PayPal

credits is only like no physical car and

just like a PayPal credit accounts well

I use this account right here to

actually send my friend a little bit

over two thousand dollars and then he

gave me the cash but that's not all okay

the truth is PayPal charged me two point

nine percent plus fifty cents it makes

me Tommy that's a lot but in reality

because I did this I got back seven

hundred dollars which is awesome but on

top of that I also got six months

interest-free to pay back that almost

three thousand dollars when it came to

the money I sent my friends so did I pay

my credit card off instantly the answer

is no okay I kept the balance up for six

months then I paid up I left painted up

like literally last month okay and I

paid it off in six months interest-free

so again if you want to use this you can

use it for your rent or for example even

for investing money okay because again

if you're getting this money for six

months interest-free and it's only

charging you two point nine percent well

it's still pretty solid if you ask me

however if you want to use venmo

and I don't really a big fan of it must

be honest okay I like cash out more but

if you want to use venmo

they charge you three percent okay three

percent on whatever money you actually

sent to your friend is this a good

option the answer is yes if you don't

want to use PayPal however why not use

PayPal credits and as he gets six months

to pay it off in full that's the best

way if you ask me however if you don't

happy by quite

that you might as well use your credit

card the one you do have right now to

actually use venmo to send money to your

friends then get the cast by the way I

do have to warn you okay everything I'm

saying right now sounds very cool very

fancy but it can land you in jail up to

25 years if you're doing this for the

wrong reasons okay because it's very

similar to actually doing money

laundering it's actually exactly what

people that robbed those credit card

information do to clean the money and

get the money and then spend the money

without getting into any trouble unless

they actually get cost if you do this be

careful and don't do a lot of money like

ten thousand dollars a month to eight

thousand dollars mother what are you

doing okay so the custom is make sure

you do it maybe like a thousand two

thousand per month but nothing bigger

than that because usually once you go

beyond like five figures like the FBI is

gonna be on your behind and it'll be

actually like hey what are you doing

okay you can't sign so many credit cards

in one month and they're gonna get you

in jail for twenty five years for doing

money laundering so only do this for

signup bonuses rewards or business use

but never for the bad reason visitor yet

caught you will get up to 25 years and

that's not fun and now the last option

is actually number three and it's my

buying gift cards to pay your rent if

you want to now tell me what do you mean

here exactly and this sounds very

sketchy the answer is it is very sketchy

if you're doing it again for the wrong

reasons now I've done this several times

and trust me everything has been 100%

fine but again this one is by far the

hardest one it takes the most work but

it's kind of like if nothing works for

you and you want to do this for fun you

can do is if you want to if you want to

get a lot of money out your entire

credit card but it's actually it works

like this okay basically the concept is

you want to grab your credit card in

this case say for example I have a

Discover card and if I spend $3,000 I'll

get back seven hundred bucks okay that's

not the option right now so don't go

discover trying to get this offer it

doesn't exist but the point is if you

try to do this correctly the point is

you want to go into a Rite Aid or any

convenience store and buy a gift card a

debit card gift card by Visa or

MasterCard and once you buy that car

well now you have a debit card you can

use that to pay any bill you want to but

tell me I want to pay my rent I wouldn't

pay something and although I have a

debit card and I can like pay other

stuff but I still want the cash to be

able to pay my rent or pay whatever I

actually want to pay so how exactly do I

get the money out of the gift for it if

I wanted an option well it's very simple

but also just a tiny bit complicated so

here's how it works okay well if you

want to cash out of the entire debit

cards well here is what to do step by

step the first thing is you want to have

a credit card with a bonus in it to make

sense for you and you want to go into

writing or any store out there that

sells gift cards made by Visa or

MasterCard that we can buy whatever you

want with it well once you're going to

write in step one you want to buy

whatever you want okay you want to buy

the gift card now they give quite a

recommend is it between 200 to 400 euros

and that way you have to do this over

and over again with fifty dollars over

and over again no just do five hundred

or two hundred and that way is a lot

faster some places say no to buying the

gift cards with credit cards that's fine

or somewhere else that's normal I went

to write it usually they accept me

sometimes they don't it all depends on

the location and where you live okay

by the way this is the next step step

number two is you want to sign up for a

blue bird debit card or a serve debit

card now tell me where are the links

here the links are your description

below so check it out sign up by the way

it is usually free no worries here no

money you have to pay every single month

and fees for monthly fees no the answer

is sign up for these cards by the way

for the Serb card I use personally the

green one and that's the one I've been

using for years now okay

the Bluebird card you can use whichever

one you want that's fine it only has one

option I think now what do you do after

you receive these cards in the mail the

answer is what you want to do is you

actually want to refill the balance on

those cards with the debit cards you

actually bought with your credit card at

rite-aid so how do you do this well well

the answer is the Bluebird card and also

the Serb card they have participated

locations you can go to to users debit

cards to refill that balance with them

okay so basically what I did last time

was I went into Family Dollar and also


and I said hey I want to refill my

Bluebird card or my surf card with my

debit card they said yes I used my gift

card debit card made my Visa or

MasterCard I put the money in it and now

I have the money my Bluebird card and I

can just transfer the balance into my

normal bank account if I want to same

thing with the surf card that way you

have the money in cash and everything is

dandy but Tommy this sounds very simple

but it also sounds very dangerous the

answer is it's not dangerous it's fine

don't worry about it something legal

here the legal part is when you do this

with stolen information that doesn't

belong to you

and that's when money laundering comes

into play so when you do this be very

formal say like hey I want to buy these

gift cards for a friend it's my birthday

I want to go out for dinner I want to do

this I went to another place I don't

trust think you know the point is be

normal okay don't be sketchy dobrik so I

want to refill these cards no don't be

sketchy be normal isn't illegal here

let's try to do something illegal that

you shouldn't be doing but this is 100%

legal and guys that is basically for

this video comment down below and let me

know which one of these three ways will

you be trying the answer is I tried all

through them so if I were you I'll try

all three of them and see which one

works best for me comment down below and

let me know though which one are you

going to try first and as always if you

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