10 Easy Tips for a First Time Officiant

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about a third of our couples ask a

friend to officiate their wedding this

can be

a lovely choice especially when the

friend prepares themselves for the task

today i'll share our top 10 tips for

first time officials tip one

dress the part the officiant should

adhere to the same dress code as the

wedding party

and lean towards a darker more muted

tone in your clothing so if your

bridesmaids are wearing

lower length gowns it might be good to

wear a

black floor-length gown or if the

groomsmen are in suits do the same

avoid drawing attention but be

well-dressed and polished

officiants end up in a ton of pictures

tip two

have a backup script ipads are a common

choice for the ceremony script

but have a backup plan often there are

wi-fi problems or other technical

problems that interfere with using the

ipad during the ceremony

sometimes they even get overheated and

shut down so have a hard copy printed

and ready to go for both the rehearsal

and the ceremony

my third tip is to attend the rehearsal

if there is a planner or coordinator for

the wedding

they will help with the processional and

all the spacing

and also the recessional but you have to

do everything in between right so if

you're expected to run the rehearsal

without a coordinator or planner ask a

friend to help because you'll be

responsible for running the ceremony

and also getting people up and down the

aisle in the past i've heard

all sorts of reasons from couples but

also from their friend officiants for

why they don't need to attend the

rehearsal you know maybe they're

out of town they can't come in an extra

day or

they're a teacher an attorney they talk

to people all the time and they don't

feel like they need to do a rehearsal

but at a wedding those emotions start to

kick in

and it's a little bit harder than people

expect and a note to couples when you

choose a friend to officiate the wedding

let them know that you're going to need

them for the rehearsal you may want to

offer covering their hotel for a night

to make this financially a little bit

easier for them tip four

remember to tell the guests to be seated

as soon as the officiant welcomes the

guests she should also have them take a

seat it's a small detail but one that's

missed a lot you don't want all those

rented chairs going to waste and you

don't want your guests standing for the

entire ceremony

tip five is to practice your timing i

think we fear

that officiants will be too long-winded

and they'll board the guests

but it's also a problem when the wedding

ceremony is too short

a wedding day is carefully timed and the

various vendors depend on the ceremony

ending at the time it's planned

you take too long and you're going to

cut into the reception but if you go too

short the food won't be ready in time or

the band won't be ready to play

so really work on staying within about

five minutes

of the time allotted tip six don't stand

between the couple

the couple should be at arm's reach or

in other words they should be able to

hold hands at all times this means that

the officiant

will be partially blocked from the view

of the guests on a few occasions i've


officiants sort of step forward between

the couple or stand too close that the

couple is forced to separate from each


in order to allow for the space for the


and it seems obvious but nerves kind of

block our common sense on wedding day so

just make sure as the officiant

you're standing far enough back and your

couple is standing close to each other

tip number seven is to have a mic and to

participate in a mic

check i don't care how much someone's

voice carries or how

small the guest count is every officiant

should wear or hold a mic

lapel mics are best for pictures but

often the handheld mics

are a little bit better for sound

usually the band or dj can rent a mic

and perform a mic check before the

ceremony a mic check is a must

no sense in having a mic if you're

unable to turn it on or adjust it to an

appropriate volume

tip eight is to move out the way when

you tell the couple to kiss

step to the side so that you're not in

those pictures

tip nine have a plan for keeping track

of the marriage license

if you plan to party after the ceremony

tuck that marriage license away in your

hotel room

so you're not searching for it the next

day when it's time to mail it in another

option is to have a licensed officiant

marry the couple legally privately

before the wedding a local officiant


waning moon weddings by latoya offers

this service in new orleans

the final tip is to avoid talking about

your personal experience or friendship

with the bride or groom

the ceremony is a time to focus on the

couple's relationship

and sometimes officiants talk about when

they first met the couple

or good times they've had with the bride

or with the groom

or maybe like what it was like being

their roommate those stories would be

perfect for a toast

but for the ceremony talk more about

what you know about the couple and their


together tell the story of the two of

them another great resource is the book

by bradley lau

titled officiate your first wedding

thank you so much for watching and happy

wedding planning