How To Invite Friends to Hang Out in a Polite and Cool Way

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how to invite friends today I'm giving

you a fun alternative to would you like

to do you want to you'll notice that

this formula isn't as pushy as just

asking somebody point-blank whether they

want to hang out with you instead you're

showing consideration and respect

further time and the fact that they

might already have plans so stick around

if you want to sound more natural and

less pushy when inviting friends what's

up externa Mary Daphne here of my

exciting comm helping you upgrade your

life through better communication skills

so today we are talking about how to

invite friends I'm giving you a

marvelous phrase that you can use when

inviting someone out to do something

traditionally some people invite friends

by asking would you like to do you want

to or they might say something like

what's on the docket this weekend do you

have any plans next Wednesday and so


the problem with this phrasing is that

these types of questions come off as a

little bit nosy and a little bit pushy

think about it if you ask somebody if

they have plans or what their plans are

they'll feel like they have to tell you

what they're up to and that might not be

information that they feel like sharing

and if you ask them do you want to hang

out with me what are your plans do you

want to do something they're forced to

answer without even thinking about it

which isn't a comfortable feeling and

that's particularly true if they don't

have any plans maybe they just want to

have some downtime at home and relax and

watch Netflix how would you answer that

you might feel like you have to lie and

say that you have plans just to decline

their invitation

instead it's better to present the

invitation as an option for them here's

my formula for how to be polite and not

nosy when it comes down to how to invite

friends hey I'm planning to do XYZ

you're free this weekend I'd love for

you to join for example I'm going to the

movies this weekend I'd love for you to

join if you don't already have plants

now this approach will achieve two

important things number one they don't

have to tell you their private

information and number two they don't

feel the pressure to make a decision on

the spot in haste without actually

checking whether or not they're

available they can simply say let me

check my schedule and get back to you so

you see the key here is about giving

them the information upfront about what

you're doing and when you're doing it

without forcing them to give you any

information about what they're doing or

what their plans are this way you set

the expectation that they're too busy to

join even though you really want them to

come and this makes it easy for them to

decline for any reason and if it turns

out they can join they get to say so and

it makes you happy so in this case

everyone wins

now you might be thinking well this is a

lot of work but here's the thing if you

show that you respect someone's time

then they'll have even more respect for

you and you'll stand out as a

considerate friend and communicator and

over time you'll find that this approach

leads to way more yeses

and stronger relationships let's quickly

recap before we go so my formula for

inviting friends in a cool non pushy way

by being polite and not nosy is okay I'm

planning to do X Y Z if you're free this

weekend I'd love for you to join make

sure you tell them what you're doing and

when you're doing it and then leave it

to them you put it out there as an

option for them to decide whether or not

they want to participate

so you see winners you can be an

authentic savvy and tactical

communicator without sounding pushy or

nosy the next time you want to invite

someone a friend a colleague a relative

a potential love interest you know what

to do use this wonderful phrase add this

phrase to your communication toolbox try

it out and make it your own that's a

wrap on this video if you enjoyed this


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