How to Apologize - Best Tips to Get Someone to Forgive You

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videos ever have an apology leave you

well even more angry or hurt there

actually are some rules on how to

apologize rules that if followed will

have you back in good graces in no time

learn these 7 key steps to an effective

apology in the best way possible those

whom you have offended appreciate that

you're not jumping right in and assuming

you can do something that involves them

sometimes the permission to apologize

comes right away and sometimes it comes

after those offended have had a chance

to cool off when they grant you

permission and they will because they

very much want to hear what you have to

say let them know in detail what you're

apologizing for those offended need to

hear from you what you did so they know

you understand why they're upset tell

them how much you regret what you did

you know it was wrong and you value

their feelings express that you wish you

could turn back time and change what you

said or did be careful not to say

anything along the lines of if I hurt

you I'm sorry

doing so means that you don't understand

that you did hurt the person if and

words like it but the blame on the other

person for feeling hurt instead of on

the person who committed the offence

sometimes it is not possible to write a

situation when it is possible do

everything you can to make it right

when it's not let the person offend it

choose the outcome they'd like to see

let them know that inherent in your

apology is the promise that you won't do

what you did again this step is crucial

otherwise what you have offered isn't an

apology it's an excuse simply ask for

their forgiveness and ask if they will

forgive you if what you're asking

forgiveness for is something that caused

add apparent you'll need to say that you

understand they need time to think about

it what you don't want to do is to

assume that just because you asked for

their forgiveness they're going to hand

it right over to you

the note is a permanent reminder of your

remorse and your promise not to repeat

the offence it also helps you keep your

promise because they have it in your

handwriting that you will think of it as

a forgiveness promissory note if the

person accepted your apology that means

that person can't hold a grudge and

bring up what you did every time they

get angry with you and you who

apologized can go around doing what

offended them in the first place a

sincere apology should be given and

accepted with the intention of restoring

the relationship sometimes it takes time

for things to get back to the way they

were but they can be even better than

the way they were intention can move

relationships to a deeper level of

respect harmony and care for one another