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hi guys what's up welcome back to my

channel today's video I'm going to be

sharing with you guys what I got from my

bridesmaids I guess how I asked my

bridesmaids to be in my wedding

if you don't know if you haven't seen my

face before I just got engaged recently

I will link some of my like proposal

engagement videos up in the cards to go

check out if you haven't seen those I

literally love them and cry every single

time that I watch them have not been

engaged for that long we would really

just get engaged like a couple weeks ago

and we do not have a wedding date set

yet but this was like one of the first

things that I wanted to do was ask my

friends to be in my wedding just so that

they knew that I wanted them to be in it

it was definitely one of the first

things I wanted to do so I feel like I'm

a little early on this but I'm like so

excited to give them all of this stuff I

think they're going to love it so I have

three boxes actually here to show you

guys so that I can show you like all the

different things that I did with them so

yeah let's just go ahead and get on into

it so I have about seven girls that I'm

asking to be in my wedding so I'll have

one maid of honor and then six

bridesmaids I'm planning on filming a

video with them like opening the boxes

I'm not sure if that will go up first or

this was a lot first but this obviously

won't go up until I give all of them

their boxes so there's that but I wanted

to start with showing you guys the

outside how we decorated them I will

link as much as I can down in the

description box as always for you guys

so that you can find this stuff if

you're looking to make boxes similar to

these for your bridesmaids potentially

for your wedding so I got these just

plain cardboard boxes off of Amazon and

that's what I used for a little

container I got some twine a literally

just from craft store and then these I

think this is so cute like I literally

love how the outside turned out I don't

want to like mess around too much

because this one is done and all the

stuff is already packaged in it but

pretty much what we did my colors that I

really want for the wedding are like a

bunch of eucalyptus like a bunch of

greenery tons of greenery and then like

blush pink that's kind of the theme of

thing that I'm going for so I found

these flowers that kind of look like

baby's breath but they're pink and

they're a little bit different I just

think they're so pretty it's like the

whole vibe that I'm going for so I found

those at a craft store and then my mom

actually put these together but we like

put some eucalyptus with it and it kind

of looks like a little corsage almost on

top of the box I think it looks so

pretty and it's just

like the whole vibe of the wedding in a

box in a little flower arrangement so

that's how I did the outside of them and

then I wrote on the bottom

what who goes to who that way I can

remember which girl gets which box I'll

start with my bridesmaids box so this is

what every single bridesmaid in my

wedding will get I kept it like pretty

simple and also like very me so I just

wrote on the top of each box will you be

my bridesmaid I just think it looks

really cute I just hand wrote it I got

one of those like rushed tip pens to

write this was talking to do like a

little bit of calligraphy I just think

it looks cute I like how it turned out

and then for the inside I also went

ahead and got some I don't know what

these are called like this like squiggly

thing like this I don't know what the

heck you called is packing whatever I

got that from Amazon I just got a big

bag of it and I just picked like a

neutral color to go in it and then what

I actually got them I threw these little

chocolates in I wanted it to be pink so

I just found like some pink Ghirardelli

chocolate and threw those in just to

incorporate the pink I just have a

little something for them like a little

filler you know and then the two like

main things that I got them I got off of

Etsy so I kind of have it this is how

it'll kind of look when they open it so

the first thing that I got them is this

little bracelet it says I couldn't tie

the knot without you which I just think

is like a really cute I wanted to get

them some sort of jewelry like something

I just think it's nice to wear and I

love having jewelry with a special

meaning behind it I just think it makes

it so special so it's a little knotted

bracelet that's kind of what it looks

like up close that has little knot and

then this charm right here is their

initials so they each have their own

initial obviously it comes with the cute

little bow I like that it says I

couldn't tie the knot without you you

can get just the bracelet if you just

want the bracelet but I like the whole

like package thing so they'll each get a

little bracelet and then I got them one

of these if you guys know me you guys

know I'm obsessed with cups like I

always have my Yeti it's downstairs

right now but I always have a cup like

this with me at all times so I thought I

have to get them one of these so I got


this this little tumbler Cup and then I

got each of their names on him I was

gonna have it say like bridesmaid but I

just feel like they'll get more use out

of it with their actual and they want

instead of it saying bridesmaid on it so

I got each of their names put on this

Cup in rose gold and then I got one for

myself that's white and then in the rose

gold I have my name and then I have

bride underneath I like insert a picture

over here so you guys can see what it

looks like

but it's downstairs right now and I do

not want to go in town and get it I just

think these are so cute they'll get so

much use out of them and it's like such

a neat gift like I always love to get

people cups and also this would be nice

for like anything that we have like

bridal shower a bachelorette party I

like anything that involves the bridal

party I thought this would be really

nice to have and we can just all use

them and I'll have really cute matching

ones so that is what's in my bridesmaid

box for what I got my six bridesmaids

and then my maid of honors a box is

pretty much the same but I added a

little bit of extra things in there for

her because like she's my maid of honor

so I felt like I wanted to put some more

little goodies in there for her so her

she says will you be my maid of honor

and then she also has the same bracelet

as everybody else

same compass everybody else yes this one

also says Brooks I have two friends

named Brooke and she has just some extra

little filler things in here so I threw

some extra chocolates in here for her so

I got her this little chapstick it's

just like one of those little AOS egg

things you like can't go wrong with

chapstick and I got it because of the

pink color if you guys notice the theme

I like picked out little things that

were pink since that's like the main

actual color of what I'm going for for

our wedding

so a little pink chapstick I got her my

favorite nail polish this is like the

best nail polish ever total sidenote

Sally Hansen at miracle gel I got her a

little light pink one it's in the shade

in this year it's just like a nice

little pink nail polish and then I also

got her this little hand lotion that I

felt like just at the vibe also it's a

love beauty and planet from Target

little hand cream that I thought would

be nice it just like looked really cute

in there

so she just got some extra little filler

things but besides that she got all the

same stuff is all my other bridesmaids I

just think it's so cute I love how they

turned out I love how they'll be

they use the stuff and wear the jewelry

that sort of thing for the boxes I

didn't want to get them just a bunch of

filler stuff that they wouldn't

necessarily be able to use I wanted to

get them stuff that they can use and

obviously stuff that's like totally

amazing but also makes a really good

gift also in dimension these do come

with straws my straws are not in the box

because I couldn't get them to fit and

they're with the cup of but I'll just

give them to them when they open the box

but that's pretty much it for this video

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I'm

giving my friends to ask them to be in

my wedding I hope it helps you guys if

you are thinking of what you want to do

to ask your friends to be in your

wedding it's just so fun and exciting

stuff I hope you guys enjoyed this video

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all in my next video bye guys