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hi guys in today's video I'm gonna be

talking about bridal party and a great

cute way to ask your bridesmaids to be

your bridesmaids so I think this is such

a special time because you get to ask

those that you love the most and that

are closest to you and that have been by

your side to be in your wedding and your

wedding is just the most special day on

the planet and so I think it's so

important to ask your bridesmaids in a

really special way to make them feel

important in to make you feel excited

about asking them so what I'm gonna show

you is something that's great for if

you're on a budget based on a ask in a

special way because I don't think that

everyone wants to break the bank on

asking people but it's still you still

want it to be special I'm gonna show you

what I did to ask my bridesmaids

I've asked four out of the five

including the maid of honor I have one

left to do so I only have one of the

gift boxes with me today and of course

I'll be posting this after I've asked

everybody but I just wanted to share

with you while I still have one of the

gifts and show you what I decide to do

for my bridesmaids so I'm a gift person

I love giving gifts it's just so fun to

me so I decided to go with something

like this for asking my bridesmaids so

what I did is I actually got this off of

Etsy and basically I would just type in

like bridesmaid asking box or something

like that just a general search and it

came up with this right here there's a

lot of companies that do things like

this these are so affordable I think

these were like three or four dollars or

something for each box and you can

choose I think it was a tan color but I

chose this white one and then it comes

with the sticker and it says like

bridesmaid and the name or maid of honor

and the name you can choose if you want

a sticker you can choose whatever you

want it has all these options and then

you can choose the color of the bow and

my favorite color is blush pink so of

course I chose that so you are

technically supposed to put the sticker

over the ribbon but I did it wrong so

it's all good who cares so I put the

sticker that's all cute

so then

take this ro and it's really cute so I

got I open it up here and I've got some

tissue and things like that in here and

I picked up these are kind of crumbles

but I picked up this cute pink and gold

hearts tissue from Target I think it was

so important like for duck for box or

something and then this white and gold

and I use that I really think it's cute

to just kind of go with like colors that

you like and make it look really cute so

then I have a little card and I

obviously wrote it already but these are

the cards they're just these little

heart cards um and I thought they

weren't perfect because they go into my

style I really like like sparkles and

gold and pink and white and so you open

it up in just a blank card so you can

pick whatever you want to write in there

which I loved and then they have a sweet

little card to open and then I got a

couple of cheap little things and then

uh something that's a little bit more

expensive you can ask a bridesmaid any

way you want if you want to do just one

gift if you want just do a card like you

can do however you want but this is just

what I did

I wanted a couple of little spa things

since I love beauty so I got these

little face masks and I think these are

perfect for girls because everybody

loves a little face mask they're

affordable and it kind of goes with Who

I am so I put these cute little face

masks in there and then a little lotion

as well because everybody needs lotion

and I kind of went with a theme of

colors either white and pink pink and

pink pink pink pink oh I think

everything so this in there too so those

are kind of just like cute little filler

things that girls will like but it's not

super expensive but so cute and they'll

use them but the biggest thing that I

wanted to make special since I love

coffee mugs is I wanted to personalize

coffee mugs for all my girls so I got

these off of Etsy as well Etsy is such a

good place if you want to do Bridal

things or personalization that these

coffee mugs and it says the title and

then the name and then the heart again

you can personalize the color of the

letters you can personalize if you want

to hard on

like you can do however you want but

that's all I chose to do them and you

can do like the name on top and the roll

on the bottom like whatever you want but

I did this for all my girls for my

sister who's the maid of honor I got her

a more a different mug that fit her

personality because I wanted her to be

separate from the bridesmaids and get

something a little bit different but I

love these and every one I've give them

given them to has loved them like my

friend Anne I loved it so much like it

was it was so cute how much you liked it

so I think this is a great idea if you

want to ask your bridesmaids and just

have it be a really cute personal touch

for the maid of honor which is my sister

I gave her a couple more things because

I wanted to make her box a little bit

different than everybody else's and

she's the maid of honor so she got a

different mug and then she got a shirt

this is maid of honor and she got a

notebook for like planning because

she'll be helping me plan so much so I

think it's great to do whatever you want

but I wanted to personalize the maid of

honors to be a little bit different have

a little bit more since they are your

maid of honor and then everybody else I

got them a cute cup and those little spa

things so it's nice because you can just

put them in this little box wrap it up

in the ribbon give it to them that way

like over lunch or however you want to

ask it it's just such a cute way I think

that was great for me because I'm a gift

person but it was really affordable I

think that's a great way to ask

everybody but you can give them just a

cup like you can do whatever you want

but that's what I did and I think it's

great to make everyone feel special and

it makes the experience of asking really

fun so yeah that's all I really have for

how to ask a bridesmaid if you guys want

to see any specific types of videos

please let me know but I thought this

might be helpful if you're trying to

figure out how to ask a bridesmaid so if

you liked it please give it a thumbs up

so I know that you like these types of

videos thank you so much for watching

and I'll see you in my next video bye