How To Avoid Being Labelled As Creepy When Asking For A Girls Number

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the topic you've been waiting for how to

ask for a girl's number without getting

rejected or labeled as creepy you know

it sucks for you about being a man when

you're a man you can say one thing to a

girl and she'll absolutely love you for


but when you say the exact same words to

another girl she'll freak out on you

even worse she can yell at you she could

shame you look at you with disgust all

horrible things and she can make you

feel like you're being an a-hole when

really all you're doing is something

pretty innocent like asking her for her

phone number so here's an example of

Hollywood actress brie Larson who lost

her cool when a guy asked for her number

brie tweeted I merely smiled at a TSA

agent and he asked me for my phone

number to live life as a woman is to

live life on the defense in a short few

days this tweet had close to 5,000

shares and in the world of Twitter

that's a whole lot of shares what these

shares means is there are women out

there who feel the way breed does do you

want to know what I thought when I saw

this tweet I thought good job TSA agent

for taking your chance with brie Larson

he didn't grab her he didn't push her

once she said no he didn't certainly did

not shame her for turning him down in my

opinion it was not assault or cause for

defense at all but for brie it was and

no matter what my opinion is on the

matter I can't debate how she felt or

what she experienced so after doing a

little digging around I found out that

assault and harassment have been very

prevalent in Brie's life which is why

she's so sensitive about it this however

is not the TSA agents fault

nor did he have knowledge of this I

would still apply the TSA agent for

taking his only opportunity but I would

add in

one little caveat of advice for both the

TSA agent and for you do not ask a woman

out unless you have established some

kind of verbal or nonverbal rapport with

her aka context for why you are asking

her out for example you guys have been

making eye contact and exchanging smiles

or you guys had a brief exchange of

words but in those moments you were able

to flirt with her and she laughed at

something you said not just hand me your

passport by the way can I have your

phone number

a woman can feel objectified when you

ask for her number too soon

I can't properly explain this in words

to you but when a man has done this to

me my automatic response is to protect

myself by covering up my body in some

way it instantly happens before anything

properly registers in my head whether it

be crossing my arms or leaning back or

pulling my shirt up so that my cleavage

isn't revealed or putting something in

front of me to block me

it's my automatic reaction to an

uninvited approach that's happened way

too soon

hence the creepy label that you've heard

way too often the truth is that it's not

really you being creepy or a creep it's

the lack of substantial interaction

prior to the advance so here's what to

do instead talk to a girl for a minute

before you ask for her phone number let

her see who you are as a person before

going straight for the number ask and

get to know a little bit about her I

know it's hard when you're in situations

like ts8 lines and stuff but granted

that little bit may just be that she has

a great smile and seems to be attracted

to you I don't want some girl tweeting

like this about you now if you want the

absolute best way to get a girl's number

without ever getting rejection you need

to flirt it's the only way to make those

30 seconds be enough to initiate a

number ask flirting is what sets you

aside from the other boring bozos

approaching us how you flirt dictates

who you are and how we see you think of

the last time you're on a roller coaster

there was such a mix of emotions wasn't


the jittery feeling in your body as you

climb up the hill your heart thudding so

loud you can hear it in your ears when

the drop comes you feel it deeply in


you feel like Dilla rating adrenaline

almost like you're flying without wings

afterward you're elated brimming with

energy and ready to do stuff you

wouldn't normally do right well that's

exactly what girls experience with good

flirting for us girls nothing compares

to a guy who can elicit an emotional

roller coaster that keeps us guessing in

fact creating that roller coaster is 90%

of the game after you approach this is

what was missing from the TSA agents

approach he didn't flirt whether it be

through simple eye contact and a smile

or verbally therefore his approach fell

flat well actually it didn't even fall

flat it did create an emotion an emotion

of danger and creepiness and I certainly

don't want you sending of those vibes to

women when all you're trying to do is

take action and go after what you want

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