How To Ask For A Job Referral

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hello and welcome to another episode of

ask cheeky I'm Isaiah Hankel with cheeky

scientist and today's question comes

from Girish to me lar I get it most jobs

through referrals but how to get

referrals so the question is how to get

referrals right so there's very very

convincing data that most PhD level jobs

are filled through employee referrals

which means that someone that works at a

company recommends you for the job the

problem is as a PhD if you've been in

academia your whole life you probably

know very few people in industry which

means your chance of getting referrals

very very low this is one of the reasons

we created the cheeky scientist

Association so that PhDs could have a

pre-made job referral network and get

referred very easily but if you're not

in the Association maybe you're a PhD or

you're watching a cheeky scientist ask

cheeky video for the first time what do

you do how can you start building up

your industry Network how can you start

getting referrals the best way is to

start getting many referrals first and

then setting up informational interviews

so what is a mini referral it's simply

an introduction from somebody you know

right so in your network right now on

LinkedIn or otherwise you know people so

the best way to get in touch with

somebody else that you don't know is to

ask for a mini referral ask for an

introduction let's say that you're

you're looking on LinkedIn and you see

employees working at a company you don't

know any of the employees directly but

perhaps LinkedIn is showing you that you

have some shared connections you want to

reach out to one of those shared

connections right somebody that you know

who also knows some one of those

employees and ask them for an

introduction to that employee but what

if you don't have any shared connections

then you can be the one to introduce

people to each other right there's very

likely somebody in your network that you

can introduce to somebody else you don't

know that well to connect with them

right so do you see the strategy there

you rise above as a super connector you

reach out to somebody that you know

already in your network you find out

what they have in common with somebody

you don't know but that you want to get

to know and you introduce these people

to each other everybody says yes to

getting a free introduction because

everybody in industry knows that

networking is the currency of Industry

nobody's gonna say no don't introduce me

to that person we all know that

networking is hard and takes a lot of

mental energy and time so be the person

that gives value first introduce other

people to each other first

then when it comes time to ask them for

an introduction they're much more likely

to say yes as well either way you need

to get one of these many referrals and

introduction to somebody who works at a

company you want to work for and then

once you're introduced you need to set

up an informational interview which is

just an interview where you interview

somebody about their job and how they

got it whether they like it if cetera

and the people you should target for

this or other phd's because they're

gonna they're gonna want to give back

they're gonna know that you're a PhD

getting out of academia it's gonna

remind them of when they were a PhD

getting out of academia they're gonna be

very likely to help you and certainly

get on the phone with you for five

minutes while you ask them a few

questions if you don't know what an

informational interview is go to cheeky

scientist comm and search our blog

articles for informational interview you

can also download some of our free

ebooks like forwarding networking

scripts for PhDs that has that have a

lot of informational interview

networking script templates in them for

you so this takes us to the end of this

act asked cheeky as always remember your

value as a PhD and started thinking and

acting like a successful industry