You Know You're Dating a French Woman When...

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Would you like one more drink?

No merci

Excuse me

To be honest my first time in Paris just came from Montreal, and I don't know anybody here, so I will love to meet more people

I would love to see you again

Sure. Yeah.

* Speaking French

Hey, I want to talk to you, I saw you are with Florie? Yeah?

I have some advice about dating a French woman for you


First of all if she kisses you that means she is serious about you and wants to explore the possibility of dating you

Which means there is no dating around to test out who would make a better partner like there is in North America

And you don't need a defining talk to show that you are now in a relationship.

I like you a lot, Florie. Would you like to be.. exclusive?

What do you mean? Like we weren't exclusive?

*Swears in French

How was your day?

Oh my God. I had the most horrible day

The strike with the busses. Plus the strike with the metro

And then.. I lost my wallet.

Welcome to Paris. Many things to struggle with. Come on let's enjoy the wine, okay?

To us



Just um

No, it's just red wine

I love red

Yeah. No, it's fine.

It's an interesting choice. Yeah...

The sunset is so nice


I like you today and I love your dress. This is very feminine


Yeah, every time a woman wear a dress it's feminine


Yesterday when I was wearing trousers. What was it?

No Laurie. I didn't say that... Florie excuse me

I'm sorry. Do you know my name? I know your name

That's incredible. you don't even know my name .

* Swears in French

I'm sorry

Do you like the music?

No, I don't like this music no

I'm as much as a woman as anyone in trousers


We're the country have Simone de Beauvoir. We're the country of feminism. What's that? So would you say something like that to me?

So I hope you enjoyed the video overdoing the Frenchwoman

We're here in terrace. Which is pretty incredible

I shoot you I doing something sweet -

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