How To Ask Your Current Boss For A Reference

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do you want your current boss to be a

reference but you don't know how to ask

my name is JT O'Donnell and welcome to

coaching moment this is the youtube

series that helps you remove the

roadblocks to career success so we

recently got a question from one of our

viewers about how to ask your current

boss for a reference so the first thing

I want to say here is that if you're

currently looking for a job I do not

suggest that you go to your boss and say

will you be a reference for the job that

I'm looking for first of all they're not

gonna appreciate the fact that they're

finding out that you're leaving them and

secondly that kind of emotion can often

manifest in them not giving you the best

recommendation you should know that most

employers understand that they can't

contact your current boss for a

reference until you've formally resigned

and what you'll find they'll do is say

look when we make the job offer to you

it will be pending getting a reference

to confirm your skills and abilities

with that current employer that's gonna

give you an opportunity to then go to

your boss and say I've accepted a new

position and I hope it's okay but

they're gonna call and check and ask for

you to be a reference would you be okay

with that so a little background

information there but what do you do how

do you actually go to that person and

say will you be my reference so there's

a couple things that I want you to think

about first of all is don't bother

unless you have met or exceeded

expectations if you haven't been a top

performer this person is not going to

want to give you a reference and there's

really no point in asking the best way

to know if you've been exceeding

expectations is whether or not they

recognize you for your work have you

received awards have they praised you do

you truly feel like they value you if so

then it would be okay to ask this person

to be a reference the second thing I

want you to do is put together some

thoughts about what this person has

taught you and why you believe they are

really talented of what they do because

you want to go in and sit down and

explain that it is for those reasons

that you respect and admire them and

would be honored to have them as a

reference by showing them that you

really care about the relationship that

you've had with them what they've taught

you and how they've coached you and

mentored you it's going to make them

much more appreciative and willing to be

a reference for you and then the last

thing that I'm going to suggest you do

is that if they do agree to be your

reference by you know not just thanking

them profusely but one of the other ways

that you can really recognize them for

doing this is to write them a


on their LinkedIn profile so I would put

together some kind words about what

they've meant to you and make sure you

get that posted as well these are some

of the techniques that you should use

when asking someone to be your reference

because it really shows them that you

took time and thought about this and

that it means something to you which in

turn will mean something to them it's

also going to ensure that they give you

a much better reference as well

okay did you find this helpful questions

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but until then I want you to always

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