What's the best way to ask someone to prom? High school football players share best promposal ideas

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I don't know. I can't text her.

You get a hundred roses and a giant teddy bear that's 6 foot tall.

And include a chocolate fountain.

Fill a gymnasium up with balloons and be standing in the middle of the court.

Maybe I'll just take my shirt off or something.

It'll just be like written on my abs.

I'm going to get 8 sticks of butter.

Each class you go into, you place a stick of butter in the classroom.

And then you go to the car that she drives.

Place a stick of butter on the car.

And then when you meet at the spot be like "Now that I've buttered you up,"

hold up a sign, "will you go to prom with me?"

Dress really clean and nice.

Don't be all ugly looking and stinky.

Just flowers at her locker.

Just like, you know you can shape pancakes?

Spell out P-R-O-M-?

I think I spelled that right.

Personally, I like the way I asked my girlfriend to prom this year, which I think was perfect.

We got chinese food and I switched out our fortune cookies.

So when she opened up her fortune cookie at the end it said "prom?"

Take your entire team.

Take off their shirts and paint "Want to go to prom?" on their chests

and get them all dancing.

Throw rocks at her window when she's asleep and hopefully when she opens the window

I'll sing my favorite song "Earth Angel," and when I get to the part "will you be mine"

hold up a sign saying "Will you go to prom with me?"

Got to flirt a little bit.

Play a little bit of games, you know.

To ease your way in there and ask the question.

Maybe you have to get down on one knee, be like, pull the fake ring out "take me to prom?"

Something like that.

Taking a girl to Chick-fil-a and writing prom on the bag because who doesn't like Chick-fil-a?

Buy a dozen wings and on the top of the lid say "I've never asked anyone to prom,

but I'm gonna wing it."

Get a bunch of post-it notes and put them all over her car and spell out "prom."

Make her a homemade pizza and spell out prom and question mark with pepperoni.

Have a big banner, "take me to prom?"

I don't know, but I want there to be a crowd of people.

Then I'm just going to get her really embarrassed.

And be like, will you go to prom with me?

Get a box of cereal, "want some milk with it?

Oooo take me to prom?"

Something like that.

I'll see the girl I want to go to prom with.

I'll tell her to "come here," whisper in her ear and then about a week later I would give

her a prom proposal in front of the whole school.

If she's going to let me take her, I just feel as though I might as well make it special for her

And the perfect way to ask someone to prom really depends on what kind of girl they are.

It's more about them than it is you.