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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

really dark out it's very gloomy it

actually gets dark out here at like five

o'clock already

so yeah bear with me I have my ice all

the way up and I'm ready to go

today I have a dating video for you guys

again because I'm not going to be making

exclusively other content it's still

going to be making my regular dating

videos that you're used to so yeah I

just wanted to put that out there also a

little segment of my little tree is in

frame so I hope you're enjoying that

festive tier basically so I have it some

ideas written down for you on romantic

things that you can do that will make a

girl melt now I'm the first one to say

is that you have to have like a mutual

same kind of an approach to each other

if this girl never does anything

romantic to you then you shouldn't you

know do everything for her like be the

world to her which she's not to you you

know you need like equal treatment with

each other but doing these kind of

things for each other can just make a

relationship so much more fun and quirky

and it really shows how you care about

each other and think about each other

and these are just some things that

girls really like and appreciate so

let's get right into it

number one surprises so it's very nice

if you give her gifts on her birthday or

for a Valentine thing or for Christmas

and those are really heartfelt and very

nice but girls actually really like

being surprised I mean hasn't everyone

fantasized about getting a surprise

party at one point and raise your head

if you apparently never been special

enough but me no it's not it I'm not

that butthurt over it at all but you

know everyone has been like wow it would

be so fun if people with like throw me a

surprise party well the same goes for

relationships it would be so fun if

someone surprises you with something so

surprised her with a date or you know a

date going somewhere on a boat I don't

know just dinner whatever just like ring

her up like I'm picking you up in an

hour and we're going somewhere or if you

don't want to take the risk of her not

being able to go because you're too late

you can also just be like on Tuesday at

8:00 you have to be ready I'm not gonna

tell you what we're gonna do it's gonna


right girls love that number two cooking

dinner just say sit down I'm gonna make

you some dinner

you don't have to help I don't want you

to help I'm gonna make dinner and you're

just gonna enjoy it and other than that

you're just gonna relax right now I'm

gonna make you something that's so nice

because you're just taking care of

someone basically and of course it's

very nice if the girl does the same for

you sometimes so it should be that thing

that you do that for each other but

that's so nice and it just shows that

you're like you want to take care of

someone then you're loving so that's

okay Oh idea number three is little

gifts so if you for example if you

shopping for yourself and you come

across something that you're like wow

this is so her like this she would

probably love it it's like a small gift

or maybe it's just like a little treat

or you know she really likes marzipan

you get her marzipan when you randomly

come across it those little gifts that

just show I was out and about and I saw

something that reminded me of you and I

took it home with me for you because I

wanted to surprise you with it that's so

freaking nice yes please do that it's

real good okay please do that yes number

four taking her to an amusement park so

this is actually nice because amusement

park days for me personally are some of

the most magical days we haven't like

I'm saying magical because our main like

attraction park here in an endless is

this like magic thing and I love it and

those are always the best memories and

you know there's just there's nothing

better than amusement parks in my

opinion I just love them they're just

such great days so make sure you go on a

day that's not too busy but yeah taking

your girl to an amusement park she'll

love you for it it's so good yes and

then the last one is dancing and this

one kind of sounds very old-fashioned

and I don't really mean it in that way

but a lot of like chemistry comes across

and you're dancing with someone so if

you're going out together to a club even

and just dancing with each other it's

just so nice so you can take her out

dancing for a night like just be like

we're gonna go to the club I'm booking

hotel for you know where we can say

afterwards or just go somewhere that you

can just you know go home after it just

dance with her it's so nice and it

actually will strengthen your guys's

bond with each other so yeah those are

my romantic ideas that make

all melt I hope that you enjoyed this

video once again don't forget to comment

subscribe to my channel I love you so

much and I'll see you next month hi