Expert Tips to be the BEST Flower Girl Ever!

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Hi I'm Elle and in this video I will show you how

to be the perfect flower girl.

And I know all about it because I was already a flower girl once in my aunt's wedding.

And now my Uncle Tony is getting married.

And the dress is the most important part, so we're going to go get one.


There's a lot of choices.

Don't forget the shoes.

I love this one!

This is what I chose, the perfect dress and the perfect shoes.

And plus, they match!

I don't know if plum is my favorite color but

it's the bride's day and she gets to chose.

Flower girls have to make sure their hands and toes are pretty so I'm getting a mani


My dress and my nails are done and now it's time for the hair.

And I'm going for the curly princess style.

My hair is done.

What do you think?

This is my Uncle Tony.

He's the groom and now I need to get my sash on.

And now I'm going to take one final practice run.