Student's viral poem asks 'Why am I not good enough?'

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one take a shower you don't want to

smell to pick out an outfit that will

fit in with the latest trends and won't

make you the laughingstock of the school

more than you already are

3 put on some makeup so you can actually

show your face in public and be a little

bit pretty you can't even recognize

yourself and your face tinkles with an


if you can't satisfy otherwise you'll

have ruined the hours of meticulous

painting you apply to your hideous face

for don't forget to style your hair and

elegant curls you can't let everyone at

school see how your hair frizz is up

like an electrocuted monkey naturally 5

shove your fat feet into those toe

pinching blood blistering commerce that

everyone at school is wearing and you

could not be the odd one out as you gaze

into the bathroom mirror you'll see a

stranger that somehow stole your

reflection and replaced it with a

completely different girl every part of

your outfit isn't comfortable but even

though you spent hours trying to look

pretty you will never be as good as

those other girls at school you are

actually holding back a few tears but

you feel like you were holding back a

tsunami of emotion you can't let anyone

else know that you feel otherwise they

will never respect you the same way they

used to

or did they ever why am I not good

enough beauty is pain 6 get off the bus

7 find a group of people you can walk to

class with because heaven knows you

can't just walk alone but you don't even

like these people they cuss in the big

dirty jokes a lot and they laugh and

make fun of you you know you shouldn't

hang out with them but hey they are the

popular kids and you just want people to

like you like they like them you are in

the stocks as people throw judging

Tomatoes and hating heads of lettuce

that you're insecure little head you

cannot stand up for yourself because you

are alone trapped and defenseless and

you cannot stand up for yourself because

these popular kids are like the royalty

of the school and a

what they say and do goes you take each

comment each judgment each assumption

opinion each strange look

each remark each criticism each review

each report each assessment and with it

your self-esteem plummets like a sinking


down down down into the dark and dreary

depths below you look at all of the

other girls your mind racing a vile

minute I wish I had her eyes I wish I

had her hair I wish I was as skinny as

her I wish I had her perfectly straight

why teeth I wish that I had her social

confidence I wish as many boys liked me

as they liked her why am I not good

enough life isn't fair eight get your

work done the only part of your life

that seems all vocal is the actual

school work you take pride in your work

because it is possibly the only thing

special about you you do want to see the

radiant smiles on your teachers faces as

they applaud your work so joyful praises

the gentle rain that brings forth a

magnificent rainbow the radiant sunshine

that brings forth fields of sweet

daisies one of the only things that

brings you happiness but it is not

popular to be smart in fact you're seen

as a nerd too smart human calculator

Brainiac geek teacher's pet suck up

whatever wonderful name you can think of

your peers jealousy is the pollution

that prevents a rainbow the bulldozer

the plows through the fields of what's

golden daisies the intangible object

that crushes your happiness like a bug

ace are getting you nothing but torment

why and I'm not good enough just get

over it

9 it's the end of the day get ready for

bed 10 undress get your pajamas on wow

did I get fatter today 11 undo your hair

Wow my hair looks like a walk 12 wash

off all of your makeup

I can't even look at myself this is my

life every day I can't control it

I've been told I can't compare apples

and oranges I've been told I'm distorted

I've been told I have to be grateful for

Who I am but going through your middle

school years you are on your own journey

to find yourself on a small jet and

sometimes you cannot control what

happens to you the turbulence will throw

you off course but popular isn't always

a good thing you tell yourself I just

want people to like me I just want to be

accepted but skipping meals and marking

up your wrist isn't going to fix that

you look at other girls wishing you were

them but other girls are looking at you

wishing they were you society verse

girls have to have skinny waists tan

skin long silky hair perfectly straight

teeth big butts and etc Society infers

girls have to wear tons of makeup to be

pretty society in furs girls have to

wear skanky clothing and do

inappropriate things with boys to be

happy and considered cool but society is

wrong you are loved you are precious you

are beautiful you are talented you are

capable you are deserving of respect you

can eat that meal you are one in seven

billion and most of all you are good