5 Questions you Must Ask to Get to Know Filipina

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this is id8

we're Max and Ivonne today we're here to

give you advice on the five best

questions to ask your online Philippine

a date welcome to our video do you have

trouble starting the first conversation

with a Filipino online we will give you

some questions to ask her and a reason

why you should do it and our advice

today is per foreign men who want to get

to know a Filipino online we've come up

with five topics to discuss so let's

start with number five relationship

history it's a great place to start ask

her how long have you been single this

is going to get the conversation started

your goal here is to find out if she is

fresh out of a relationship or if she's

married but separated or if she says

it's complicated

or maybe she says she's never had a

serious boyfriend now be careful if she

says no serious boyfriend because that's

a common light old here also be cautious

if she's married but separated because

there's no divorce in Philippines and

dating a married woman can be a

troublesome experience complicated is

another danger word that means she still

has a boyfriend but she's looking for

another relationship look for someone

who admits to being in a previous

relationship but it's over now

a really good girl is not going to stay

single long so go for it yes and then

through the next topic ask her about her

education now if she did not finish high

school she may be shy about discussing

this but if she's got some college

education or some university credits or

trade school courses she will be

justifiably proud of herself and she'll

love to talk about it we know Philippine

admits to having some post-secondary

education then encourage her to talk

about it girls with advanced education

are proud of it there may be a little

Shannon talk about themselves ba will be

three element you are impressed by their

level of education after education you

get on to your next topic can you say

what's your job now and then continue

what other jobs did you do now again

this is encouraging the lady to talk

about herself while at the same time

giving you some insight into what she's

doing all day that's very important and

also find out what level of income she's

used to living on the way the one who

has no job but manages to find time and

money to visit them the internet all day

her job maybe finding foreigners online

and getting them to send money to her

it's a very common job here yes we all

know someone who does that job yeah so

ask her what are your ambitions for the

future this is another very important

topic your goal here is to find out her

long-term ambitions are monetary

geographical or relationship focused if

your biggest ambition is to have a nice

house and car then she is a bit

materialistic if her ambition is to live

in the USA and your goal is to retire in

the Philippines that's a big red flag

many girls will go to online dating

sites are just looking for some love

there is a perception among Filipinos

that love with a foreigner is more

romantic than love with a local boy

there is that perception so now we come

to the final topic one question left to

ask I've left it till last on purpose

because it is the topic nearest to the

heart of a Filipino lady

so ask at last she's going to tell you

more than you ever wanted to know I know

max is talking about family Filipinos

are very very family-oriented I super

her parents ask about her brothers and

sisters and a barber grandparents ask

about the area she grew up and who her

closest relatives are she will be

thrilled your you care

be sure to remember all things she tells

you and ask questions to show you are

listening yes make sure you do that and

asking a Filipina about her family is

the quickest way to her heart and it's a

quick way to find out her motives in the

relationship because if she starts

talking about how her father's terribly

died and her mother is sick with a lot

of hospital bills that's another red

flag she's hoping you will offer to send

money to help now the best girls will

not even hint that they are hoping you

will send some money so that's our time

for today we hope that you will have

some great conversations with Filipinas

online and then look for more

interesting videos remember I date