How To Date A Filipina

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yee-gurr-gahh colleague you must quarter

Duffy no way what's up you guys welcome

back to my channel uncle boss see Rachel

and today I'm going to teach you how to

date a little Peter girl the Filipino

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basically after watching a lot of

Filipino tell us a me a I got curious

about the whole Filipino chording thing

that was going on because in America

ellee's for me I just don't know a lot

about courting I haven't really heard

much about it here so I decided to do

some research and I found some things on

traditional Filipino recordings and I

teach you guys about Filipino

traditional courting and you guys can

let me know down below in the comments

if this still goes on today because I

would like to know I kind of want to

record it after seeing like James Reed

court Nadine on this Filipino Tillich's

a TA like I want to be courted like that

to be BA like Hui dozens number one be

friends with their friends so group date

is the best way to go for this and you

get to know their friends she gets to

know your friends and at the same time

your friends could put in a good word

for you you know be your wingman and

they let the girl know that you like her

she's pretty and see maybe she could

possibly be interested in you it's a

more casual day and so just being one

number two find out if she likes you you

don't want to like hop on the Love Train

if the girl doesn't like you're gonna

creep her out and scare her if you're

gonna be courting her right so to find

that she likes you have a mutual friend

ask her if she likes you

then if she does collect rain was ready

to go and you're ready to go on to

courting her number three

meeting her parents so obviously if

you're gonna go start courting her

taking her on dates the hot all that

kind of stuff you want to meet parents

right introducing yourself to your

parents is a big big big deal something

you can't forget got to be respectful

you know it dress nice see google bring

us a little bomb not just to her but to

her whole family that way they can see

that you are a sensible person someone

who we worthy of dating their daughter

number four hi donna hi donna is

basically serenading my girl i think

this is super cute like super click I

don't know if anyone still does this but

like if someone did this to me I would

probably pass out because it is honestly

the cutest thing ever

if you want to envision it like a Romeo

and Juliet style the girl will be

sitting on her balcony waiting for her

Romeo and he comes up and up to her

window and serenades heard a beautiful


number five

slow and steady wins the race you gotta

take it slow you guys cording is all

about getting to know each other going

on dates 101 eventually when the time is

right basically becoming friends and

getting to know each other she's going

to know your family you're going to know

her family you're going to know each

other and what's the cording is done

that Bosna then you are ready for the

next day number seven asking for her

hand in marriage I think guys should

still do this I mean I don't know if

they still do asking her parents for her

hand in marriage I think is so special

and it's something like I want to be

done for me and I feel like in old

Filipino courting tradition they would

have the guy and his parents go over to

the girl's house and meet the girl at

her parents and that is where the guy

will ask for the girl's hand in marriage

battle if that is their old-school

tradition I don't know sometimes the guy

will just go over to a girl's house and

talk to the dad and the mom and be like

hey I really love your girl can I marry

her and yeah then they live happily ever

oh no and it's still called courting in

the Philippines I heard it's called

mu which is a mutual understanding which

means you guys aren't official you're

not officially dating but you're like

talking hanging out getting to know each

other and then when the girls like yeah

you can do a boyfriend

you like you're official you know what I

mean see but like you know yes I was

look basically a little short summary

what I learned about Filipino courting

and Filipino dating and how to win the

girl's heart

so brung you ladybug if you guys have

any other advice on dating leave it down

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Filipino recording leave it down in the

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I love the idea according I think it's

so cute so I hope you guys enjoyed this

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