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Josh Wainwright would attest how much

time that they're in their first quarter

against 137 no score Louie leading early

Maggie thank you officials include

referee Mike Kelly umpire Jerry Barrett

it's been Fred Wilson



conceal the ball-carrier there is a flag







this guy Maggie the second quarter I'm

so excited for his second touchdown now

this 4 is 20 to 0 Meghan saw outside

sets down depends is holding really

nicely big plays from Christa I need and

the felines really holds enough bang key

great job we'll talk to you soon

thank that right 803 is the time and

Maggie Murray I've been a she's done at

ACL fest




ee number 15 as is complete out across

the 35 to 36 never did give me but good

we were out there stopping the ball they

were really getting much so like that

Kazama is gonna be


damas pass intended for number 23

Jermaine to Thomas

in solace but for the pocket will go

down and the ball don't leave gives the

gone in 50 yards and touchdown


chick is up Oh


there you go helmet




it all started about with being

well-prepared we play great shout out to

the defense and Sophia and my brother

Josh my linebackers they should have the

whole defense I shout out my mouth boys

shout out the o-line shout out tater


and shadow our injured boys


he'll shout out happy shout out defense

and shuttle offense I first got question


for me