How to Ask Your Friend Out on a Date

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hey they're dating masses Michael here

with I date advice calm today's topic is

how to ask your friend out on a date so

we spent a lot of time with our friends

and we can tend to grow very close with

them we go up and down with them and

sometimes it turns out that our friends

are the ones who are meant for us they

are the ones who act well as a

significant other we are attracted to

them they are attracted back and lots of

great relationships blossom out of

friendships because you can tend to have

a very solid base a good foundation to

build a relationship off of when you

know that person as a friend so we have

to understand people that we date come

and go more regularly than friendships

if you think about the relationships

that you've had over the past couple of

years versus that the friendships versus

the friendships you've maintained you'll

notice that the friendships are the

enduring ones they are the ones that

last unless you married the first person

that you dated this is probably true for

you so before you try to date your

friends make sure that it's something

that you really want to do if you both

go out and you're drinking and you just

happen to hook up that night just keep

in mind that one-night stands usually

don't mean good things for a friendship

and generally generally for

relationships but you want to try to

figure out if he or she feels the same

way about you this is really important

if they don't feel the same way that you

feel about them and you try to ask them

out on a date they could be put out put

off or freaked out by this and maybe

they're worried that if they date you it

would ruin your friendship so make sure

to be open and honest and have a good

conversation about this first

next you want to be casual about asking

for a date go up to your friend and say

something like hey I know we're friends

but I really like spending time with you

and quite honestly I'm very

Proactive to you so why don't we go out

sometimes and it doesn't have to be that

formal it sounds kind of silly but

honesty is really the best approach when

you're being direct with your friends

you don't have to pour your heart out

necessarily but if you feel like the

time is right and you're hanging out

you're having a good time just bring it

up don't be worried about it and don't

shy away make sure you're looking them

right in the eyes and say hey I like you

I'd like to see if there's more that we

can explore as far as a relationship but

like I said honesty is the best policy

and you want to make sure that you're

being very forward in your intentions if

you feel like it might get in the way of

your friendships or your in your circle

of friends proceed with caution but you

never know

your soul mate just might be right in

front of your eyes so if you do feel

strongly about your friend and you want

to ask them out on a date remember make

sure they feel the same be casual about

it and just be honest the rest will fall

right into place and by all means if you

feel even the slightest bit attracted to

your friends and you think that there is

something there and most importantly if

you want to date this person do not put

your feelings aside make sure you go

after what it is that you want in life

because you may not get another chance

remember that no risk no reward

all right dating masses thank you so

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