Talking on the phone to a female friend while having dinner with girlfriend??!!

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okay so our viewer is having dinner with

her boyfriend she made this really nice

dinner and he's on the phone talking to

a female friend about her problems okay

it's not okay

it is not okay it's fine to have female

friends I think that's great but when

he's on the phone with them and you're

you made this elaborate dinner I don't

care if it was jack-in-the-box I really

don't care the fact is he is putting

them over you because he knows that he's

supposed to be spending time with you

don't think that he doesn't know cuz he

does and he is on the phone Chat Chat

chatting with these girls whoever they

are about whatever trivial problem it is

unless it's life or death and you would

know that and you know it's not you

could say something and I would

absolutely call him out on it and say

who's number one in your life is that

that or is it me plain and simple it

can't be like Oh apologizing all over

the place oh I'm sorry I'm sorry I

didn't mean to do that won't happen

again great if it doesn't happen again

fine but if it does he's gotta be out

the door he really does because then

everything also come between come before

you basically so I wouldn't put up with

this I really really wouldn't and if you

have even the slightest inkling that his

relationship with his friend is more

than that and more than just buddy-buddy

you're probably right

you're probably right because it just

doesn't make sense that he would be

talking to them while he's with you he

could turn off his phone you could say

you know I understand you got a problem

and I'm happy to help but I'm with my

girlfriend now and I'll talk to you

later okay that's all he has to say

whatever it is can wait go with your gut

feeling and and if somebody tries to

guilt you and make it seem like you're

the one that's paranoid you're the one

that has the problem

no they're just deflecting off their own

behavior so go with your gut listen to

your inner self don't put up with it