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Hello my wonderful friend! Let's talk about signs a female co-worker likes you.

So, if you have noticed a really cute co-worker and you're wondering if maybe

she's noticed you too, then pay attention boy, because I'm sharing some of the

subtle signs a female co-worker likes you.

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My name is Melannie. I'm a dating and relationship coach for Christian men.

I help you find and attract the girl of your dreams, so you're not gonna want to

miss any of the videos I have coming so subscribe and ring that Bell. The secret

behind how to know if a girl likes you is hidden in her body language and how

she interacts with you. Let's be really honest, the workplace can be a really

good place to meet new people, and many guys meet their dream girls at work.

However, as awesome of a tool as this can be, it can also be a really hard place to

flirt and date because you're trying to keep things professional. This is

certainly true of a cute co-worker who is crushing on you and who's interested

in you, she's trying not to be too obvious and trying to keep things

professional for both your sakes really. However, if she is interested the signs

will be there. They will be subtle but as long as you know how to read them

they're actually pretty easy to read. The signs that a girl likes you are actually

pretty universal, and the more signs you are aware of the easier it will be to

tell, because each girl is a little bit different. I have chosen some specific

signs that are specifically for the workplace, however, if this is a topic you

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I've done a ton of videos on this topic, it's something you guys really enjoy

hearing about, and again the more signs you know the easier it is to tell she

likes you. So be sure to check out all of those videos, I will put links to them in

the description below. And with that let's get started with some subtle signs

that are specific to co-workers. Sign number one is if she asks other

co-workers about you. If you're single, what you enjoy doing, how much they know

about you, what kind of person you are. If she's interested in you there's a really

good possibility that she's asking other co-workers about you. Now with this being

said, it's not a very good idea to do the whole "well does she like me?"

"well does he like me?" thing. The more people you get involved in that the more

awkward he gets. But if she is just asking questions about you and likes to

talk to you a lot with other co-workers, that is a really good sign. So if one of

your co-workers were to tell you "hey she was asking about you the other day" or

"yeah she was actually talking to me about you", that's a good sign.

Sign number two is she suggests doing things together after work. Now, because

this is a work environment there's a really good chance that she will kind of

try to make it a little bit of a group at first and try to go out as a group of

co-workers, but you notice that she seems to focus a lot of attention with you.

Or maybe she just outright suggests that just the two of you do it. Or even if it

starts out as a group, over time as you continue to do things after work it

slowly becomes just you and her. Because again, she's trying to keep it

professional, but if she's interested she wants to spend time with you outside of

work as well. So if she's suggesting to do some things that's a very good sign.

Before we move on to sign number three I have a quick question. What do you find

the most challenging about dating and flirting in the professional world? What

is the biggest challenge for you? Leave me a comment about it.

Sign number three is she complements you as much as she can.

She supports your ideas. Let's say you are in some kind of a meeting together,

you make a suggestion or something, and she backs you up or she thinks it's

a fabulous idea. Either at the meeting or afterwards she tells you about it.

If she's trying to be supportive and complement you and building, that's a

really good sign that, again she's trying to be professional, but she's also trying

to compliment and engage and help you feel awesome because that's how she sees you.

She will love most of your ideas and encourage you in any way she can.

Number four is she tries to sit by you as much as she can. So if you start to notice

that in meetings she frequently sits next to you, or when she walks in the

room she looks to see if there's a seat next to you that she could take, or if

you go to, let's say as a group of co-workers you will go to lunch or

something, she will try to sit next to you. She may even try to ride with you or

ask you if you want to ride with her, because she's trying to get more

one-on-one time with you. She may organize something and ask "hey do you

want to come? I'm driving", Or if somebody else organizes it she may try and find a

way to ride together. But bottom line is she's just looking for a chance to be

next to you and to chat with you. She's hoping that you'll notice her and

that you can get to know each other better.

Number five really goes hand-in-hand with number four, and that is, she tries

to be wherever you are. Now again, some of these signs can be really really subtle

just because she is trying to stay professional. But some good examples

would be, if you find that she frequently is parking right next to

you, it's probably not a coincidence. Unless it is easily the best parking

place in the whole parking lot, if she frequently is parking next to you it's

because she's looking for an opportunity to bump into you. She may

make up reasons or come up with reasons to walk past your cubicle or

your office over and over and over again, hoping that somehow

you'll bump into each other and you can talk, or that you might notice

how cute she looks as she walks past. If she has a friend who works close to

where you work, she may frequently stop by that friends desk and be looking at

you while talking to her friend and trying to find a ways to interact with

you in some way. She may try to rearrange her schedule to coincide with yours,

maybe try and take breaks the same time you take breaks, or she may try to enter

and exit the building the same time you do so that you have an opportunity to

interact and to chat. Basically, if you find that she conveniently happens to be

where you are, like all the time, there's a really good chance she's

orchestrating it and trying to get you to notice her. And there you have it,

those are my top subtle signs. The workplace can be a fabulous place to

meet people, it can also be a really hard place to flirt and interact. However,

those subtle signs will be there if you're looking for them. Again, if you

want additional signs that a girl likes you be sure to check out those other

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