How to Get the Father's Permission and Blessing to Propose Marriage!

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hi there I'm ash Fox and I am a proposal

planner photographer advisor and

all-around proposal expert I have done

over 1,500 marriage proposals for men

and women from all over the world and

I'm here to share my tips with you ideas

answer your questions and hopefully

guide you in your process of getting

engaged this question is from someone

who dammed me on Instagram and it's an

important question so here we go how do

I go about having the talk with her

father and asking for his blessing to

marry his daughter what question should

I be prepared to answer and this is

something that is a very stressful

element in proposing for a lot of people

because on the one hand there's some

people who are in relationships where

they're fully integrated into their

partners family and life they might live

close by and might spend a lot of time

with their partners family and they

already feel like they're a member of

the family but in some cases there are

couples who might be long-distance or

they might live in the same city or town

but the parents live far away and they

might not feel that same integration or

feel like they're really a member of the

family yet so this is actually a

beautiful opportunity to really show who

you are show why you love your partner

and get the blessing from the parents

that you feel much more a part of their


your partner's parents want to feel a

hundred percent secure that they're

handing off their child to the right


traditionally you asked for the father's

hand in marriage now there's all

different kinds of families right some

people are estranged from their fathers

some people raised by their mom some

people have divorced hair and some

people have parents who live together

there's all different kinds of families

you have the right instincts as to what

to do here you could ask those parents

you don't have to if it's a divorce

situation you probably should ask both

parents individually do what you feel

your partner would respect the most cuz

that's the whole point

is making a great impression integrating

yourself into your partner's family and

doing the right thing

whomever you're asking treat them like a

king or queen ask them essentially out

on a date take them to dinner take them

to a sports game you can take them to a

show or a play but make it clear that

you're treating and even before coffee

whatever you can afford manage but

you're treating them so you're buttering

them up a little bit this is about

having some bonding experience with them

and of course it's really ultimately

about asking this monumental question

treat them with respect this is not a

buddy you should be treating them as you

would an authority figure so think about

how you would treat a boss or a

policeman or some anyone your respect if

you have a really great relationship

with the father or mother and you guys

like always joke around and have a big

question to ask them and you want them

even if they do see you and you're like

goofy silly funny side cracking jokes

all the time you want to make them feel

secure that their partner is not missed

all you're marrying a jokester they're

very mysterious respectful person who

knows when it's time to be serious and

when to joke when I talk to people about

what to say when they're down on their

knee proposing I tell them really want

to tell your partner why you love them

and why you want to propose imagine this

is almost like practice for the speech

you'll be giving on your knee so you

want to tell them why you love your

partner and why you're proposing so

let's say you want to move in together I

told them why you know and tell the

powder room do it you're working on

getting a house you have this amount of

money saved all of these things or tell

them you know you really just can't wait

to have children you're so excited for

them to be the mother the father of your

children tell them what your plan is

this is what they want to know and they

really want to know why you love their

child so this is the time to list all

the reasons why you love them all the

appropriate reasons

list them out be prepared to be

completely transparent this is the time

to get all those skeletons out of the

closet all those flags or baggage you

might be carrying and lay it out if you

have that you need to tell them if you

have something about you and you have a

felony I don't know lay it out you want

to make sure that your partner's parents

have complete trust in you and know

everything that you're bringing to the

table the good and the bad

feel free to brag about the great things

that you might have a lot of money to

purchase a house or a ring you might be

able to provide a lot of emotional

comfort great lay all these things out

but don't forget other little things

that might be important too like maybe

you have a child and maybe it's great to

explain how they're going to be

integrated into the family all of these

things you don't want anything off the

table here so you want to make them feel

that they have complete trust in you and

don't be ashamed even if there is

something that you might be scared to

say it's really good to just lay this

out now otherwise you don't want this

coming back to haunt you you know five

years down the line so lay it out now

lastly if you're thinking I've got such

a great relationship with her parents

they know me they love me they're dying

for me to propose I don't have to ask

them think again the number one question

I hear the person who was just proposed

to ask their partner after they've been

proposed to is did you ask my parents

you asked my dad they always ask this

they're looking for confirmations

towards their parents have blessed this

proposal and it's just gonna when you

point it just you're getting brownie

points for having us so even if you

thought I don't need to ask always ask

it's the right thing to do and your

partner is gonna really really

so there you have it those are my tips

for essentially proposing to your

partner's parents you want to reach out

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ash box where you can

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