How do you make a friend or family member move out of your house?

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so Rob we were talking before the break

about somebody who's not a traditional

tenant I mean I think we've literally

had a mom before calls before and said

look I want my son out of my house I

can't get him to move out of my house

how do you Vic somebody who is not a

traditional tenth tenant who somebody's

not paying either cash rent or rent in

the form of services how do you get

somebody out of there first what do you

call that kind of lawsuit so that's what

we call an illegal detainer it's instead

of statute eighty-three it's statute

eighty two it's you know so it's right

near by so because they're treated

almost identically and somebody in that

situation needs to be given reasonable

notice that consent has been withdrawn

and that they need to vacate the

premises and so unlike landlord tenant

law that has very strict and stated time

limitations in the notices this simply

needs to be reasonable and generally I

think that probably a month would do 30

days would do and if they fail to get

out the procedures set forth in statute

82 are virtually identical to an

eviction and so you file a complaint so

you pay the filing fees and you move it

through the what is essentially an

eviction process and get a writ of

possession just like you would for a

rental and who have you gotten out and

under this method what kind of family

members of our friends so uncle usually

this is you know I'd like to think and

usually this are family members that are

somewhat more removed than your nuclear

family I'd like to think that those

people have a little bit better

communication and often they're in the

same house which kind of makes that

process more complicated but it often is

further removed family members or

typically a friend that you were trying

to help out and the problem is is that

once people stay in a place long enough

without paying they get kind of used to

it and so they don't really want to

start paying rent somewhere else