How to Ask for Money - 3 Tips to Make It Easy

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Why is it so hard to ask for money? Do you find it difficult to ask for money?

If so you're not alone and you're gonna want to watch right to the end of

today's episode because we're diving into why it's so challenging and what

you can do about it to make it so much easier.

Hey there I'm Nafissa Shireen and welcome to Living Forward TV where we

help you to create a thriving business you absolutely love all around your

personal freedom. And each week we bring you extra resources that you can

download and use in your business right away so that you can get results faster

and today I'm gonna help you get really really comfortable asking for money. A

lot of entrepreneurs and especially women really really struggled to ask for

money for their services, you know, they're not comfortable stating their

fees and they're certainly not comfortable asking for a non-refundable

deposit or they'll even feel awkward if they need to ask a client to get their

account current and I've seen so many barter their services for ones they

don't even want in return. And how many of you let people pick your brain? And

hey, I've done it too and it never feels good when any of that stuff happens, and

you know you'll tell yourself when it happens, "ugh! I'm not gonna let that

happen again!", right? And then, it happens again. So why do we do it? It

really comes down to conditioning and beliefs about money. Now most of us were

raised to not talk about money or to never talk about it. It's a taboo subject

and asking for it in any way shape or form it's just not cool. And if you're

coming from a previous career where you were an employee you're also conditioned

to not get paid by the person you're providing the direct service to. Think

about it, whether it's patients in a hospital, the company's clients, internal

staff members, you showed up and you serve them and then somebody else paid

you and even though they did pay you in one way or another, whether it was

through insurance, through taxes, through a purchase to the company, it was very

indirect and there was a whole lot of layers between them having a payment and

it landing in your bank account. The very nature of employment, in my mind anyway,

creates a complete disconnect between who you serve and how you're paid. And

let's not forget that you also never have to ask for it. Your paycheck just

showed up every two weeks in your bank account.

So start off by giving yourself a break. I mean you've got a lifetime of

professional and personal conditioning working against you when it comes to

asking for money. Until now, that is. Because, you see, once you become aware of

something, you can never become unaware. I know when I first had this awareness of

who I was serving versus who was paying me it was a life changing paradigm shift

for me and I'm really really hoping that right now some bells and light bulbs are

going off for you on this topic. Now if you've just had a huge "aha" moment, give

me a like and tell me below. Of course, however, awareness means nothing if you

don't do something about it and so the first step in working past the

discomfort of asking for money is really an internal step. You need to examine the

beliefs and the patterns and the conditionings that you've been carrying

with you to this point, I've only given you two today. You need to uncover them

all. Especially the ones that are unique to you and to your family legacy. Most

people need help with this and this is why I truly believe that having a coach is

so important. I'm going to link to a previous episode about why I believe

having a coach is really important and I want you to watch that, but in short what

I can tell you today is that conditioning goes really deep and I

don't know anyone, myself included, who has broken through limiting beliefs and

their money mindset all on their own without any help. Now once you've done

the deep internal work that's when it's time to focus on the practical step that

you actually need to get in place so that you can get clear on asking for

money. So the first thing you want to do is get clear on your offerings and get

clear on your prices. That way it's imprinted and indelible in your mind.

When you're talking to people I'm telling you if there's any uncertainty

at all it then becomes an emotional gray area for you and it'll affect your

confidence and you'll hold back. Get clear on what you're offering and firm

on your pricing and know the boundaries of what's a chargeable service versus

what's your free marketing content. This way you'll know when it's time to turn a

casual conversation into a discovery session

and I'm actually gonna help you with that. Because I know sometimes that can

seem a little bit difficult. I'm gonna give you some word-for-word scripts and

you can grab them below this video. You will be amazed at just how graceful and

easy it can be. When it comes to asking for the money itself what you want to do

is practice practice practice. I once had a mentor tell me to ask for double my

fee in front of the mirror 500 times and at the time I thought he was absolutely

out of his mind but you know what? I did it. And when I did it it took all the

emotional charge out of asking for money and it made stating my fees and asking

for money as simple as leaning over someone and saying "can you pass the

cream for my coffee?" Oh and by the way after doing it 500 times, my original fee

seemed so silly and low so I've got an instant pay raise. Trust me on this one,

practice practice practice and then, when you're done practicing in front of a

mirror, practice on a friend because that's gonna help you see if there's any

emotional charge left. And if there is, go back to the mirror and keep practicing

until there isn't and make sure that you complement that practicing with your

money mindset coaching. The thing to remember is that money is simply a

mechanism for fair exchange and I'm pretty sure you were never uncomfortable

accepting or receiving a paycheck in your previous career. And asking for

money for your services can be just as comfortable and easy. So remember these

three things: 1) do the internal work 2) do the practical work on your offerings

and pricing and create firm boundaries for yourself and 3) practice practice

practice until it's easy. If you found today's episode helpful, please share it

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