How to legally get a prescription for Adderall - don't do anything you aren't supposed to do

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what's up guys it's Sam here just sit

what's up and talk about getting an

adderall prescription legally but before

I do that one to just talk about

Annabelle for a fraction of a second

time adderall I just did a video on


for my micro dosing so if you want to

check that out it's the last video that

should have uploaded and it's similar to

that but I personally like adderall way

better I like a little better than

ritalin as well or there's another one

that starts with the C I believe it I

don't remember but it starts with a c

adderall is by far my favorite to take I

mean it's it's legal like cocaine or

heroin so it's just costs a ridiculous

amount versus actual heroine right

because you can sell it as a

pharmaceutical that's beside the point

now the person I'm about to talk about

is a hypothetical person right because

you definitely wouldn't want to do this

and I wouldn't say this something like

this is probably super ethical to do or

the right thing to do

I may have tried something like this

when I was younger but I can't remember

right it was so long ago so this is more

of a hypothetical person but if you

wanted to get a prescription for


you could go to your doctor well

assuming you have a insurance here in

the United States I'm not sure how it


I swear on the Quran the world go to the

doctor and well first of all if you work

a prescription for adderall what are the

symptoms it might be like start here and

then work back into it right so what are

the symptoms that you would

like want to get taken care of from that

also Google that see some of the things

that Admiral helps with okay how do

those right maybe focus or are being

like a wake or you don't I mean your

life is busy and you want some extra

energy to really focus at work because

your performance has come down but you

have to tell the story right and it has

to be accurate don't lie because we

don't want to do that but use the things

that adults good for to tell that story

about your life in a honest way right so

if you're having trouble focusing

then that's you're being honest about it

don't you don't need to lie or do

anything that you do anything that you

shouldn't do I'm making this awesome

case to deal with these raw quesadilla

tortillas who are so tasty so first of

all do that then step two is create that

story of what is going to be helping

with and remember goal I don't do

anything dishonest and then call your

doctor and make an appointment for let

them know hey some body told you about

this something called adderall and you

have been trying to focus at work and

your performance spent something don't


if your performance has done something

like don't if you're not doing if your

performance is not slipping they don't

like if you forgetting to do [ __ ] work

then maybe that's what it is like be

honest about it but just tell that story

of whatever it is right and and then

tell that to your doctor hey one of my

friends had told me somebody you like I

told you about it right somebody told me

about adderall and they said and it was

good for some things and I looked it up

I think it would help me with my habla

walkthrough story of whatever it is I

want to know what what I would have to

do to try to see if I could get

prescription for that to help me with

these areas of my life that I wanted to

help with and see what he says and he

might be like no and super good

living that's fine then you just call

another doctor and then you call another

doctor and then you call another doctor

um there's plenty [ __ ] doctors around

and there's plenty of ones that are not

very ethical not saying right we're not

doing anything illegal we want to do

this legally that's the whole [ __ ]

point of the video right but just call

different doctor and what more than

likely he'll do is say that you have to

come in for an appointment but if he's

your primary care doctor at least from

my experience back in the day when I did

it it wasn't I had to go in to get a

referral to a psychiatrist or

psychologist or something along those

lines and then so you get the referral

and then you might want to take a few

seconds and do some googling about the

questions they might ask you or the the

tests they might have you submitted to

so that that way you're passing these

tests to the degree that you want right

like my definition of passing a test

might be different than yours just like

the psychiatrist might have a different

or psychologist might have a different

definition of you passing a test than

you have yourself right but your

definition of passing a test might be to

get the result that you want

theirs might be to be normal like other

people so figure that out you don't

remember like you got to figure out we

that you're honest across the board you

don't want to not be honest and look up

some of these things that they might ask

you and some of the tests that they may

ask you to do and figure out what would

be getting you the result that you want

so you could be honest right like your

definition might be different than the

psychologist but if your definition is

what is honest for you then do it that


if that's not too confusing if that

makes sense and then go through

test and talk with that person and then

they will more than likely give you a

prescription and if that person doesn't

then you just go into the next there's

plenty plenty and plenty and plenty of

[ __ ] doctors out there here in the

United States so if one doesn't want to

then if you were trying to raise money

for your business like you go on to the

next one that one doesn't want to do it

then you pick up the phone and you dial

and you call again through a different

actor and then they don't and just keep

trying and it's not that challenging so

I did that to help me with my my focus

at work in this school and in grad

school and the other things I was

studying for when I was in grad school

and at night and I failed

these psychiatrist tests for her

definition but from my definition it was

it was accurate as I passed the test

because that's what the test was trying

to achieve for me so hope this is

helpful not too confusing but I didn't

want to you have to do it in an honest

way like I don't want anybody to do

anything that's not honest or outside of

the law right you want to be play within

the parameters in the game that you

chose to play in whether it's like the

country or the laws of the state or

wherever you live in play within those

those right because that's where you're

living or whatever the case is so you

have to do things legally do it legally

and be honest about it

that's all they just might take a little

bit of resourcefulness and creativity to

get through that process if you guys

have any questions whatsoever make sure

you leave down below in the comments

happy to help out or reach out to me on

Instagram link will be in the

description and make sure you press that

thumbs up button right well you're well

you're giving me a peach AK doctor soon