How Can I Request a Sick Note?

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hello my name is still on the scene over

substance at Kings Road Medical Center

today's video I will briefly go through

the Signum style available and the

various different ways that you can

request them

so if you have been off seven days or

less than you do not require a signal

from your GP the status if a regulation

states that your employer should accept

sell certificates filled in by yourself

these forms are available at the GP or

your employer may have some as well you

can download and print off a copy of the

south-- certificate yourself by going to

our website

you to select the six certificate in the

self referral form session if you take

up to seven days off work because you

are not well enough to attend then you

must feel the self certificate shown


and if you are off sick for more than

seven days then you would need a dr.

signal if you happen before for the same

illness then you can always message a

clinician using our website and please

state the reason for the signal and how

long you intend to be off work

and if you do need a signal for a new

illness then you need to book a

telephone appointment of a GP using our

online services when you put these

appointments please state the reason and

date for the signal if you are unaware

how to do this then please click on the

link below at the end of this video

however some employers or insurance

teens may ask you to provide a private

signal there could be a charge up to 25

pounds for all our private signals

we hope this video has proved helpful

and if you have any further inquiries

please do not hesitate to contact the

practice team thank you for watching and