How To Get The Letter Of Recommendation You Need!

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what's up you guys hey thanks for

watching this video this video I want to

talk about how to get the best letter of

recommendation for either College med

school residency whatever it is doesn't

really matter it's all kind of the same

I want to talk about this because I was

just in a meeting right now and I look

like kind of an idiot

because I didn't take this advice that I

had know to be true already so I was in

this meeting and we're talking about

some like you know we're like new

business activity and things like that

and this meeting I've been waiting for

for a while but I didn't really pay that

much attention to what it was gonna be

was like actually just breakfast we were

just kind of hanging out like a few of

us you know a few of the guys in this

business and I haven't seen for a while

and it was more of oh yeah let's just

get together above luck well then I show

up just to hang out and one of the other

guys brings his computer and sure ish if

the has a PowerPoint and

I'm like what and so he starts talking

about all this stuff that how to improve

the business and and we're like good

friends and he doesn't tell me any of

this and you know basically he is being

proactive and brought some value to this

meeting instead of just like showing up

and having an awesome personality which

I have which I brought but that's not

always enough so I'm sitting there like

listening to him like pissed off at him

but at the same time kind of pissed off

myself and thinking you know like I

should have prepared more it was just a

good reminder that you always need to

bring value to whatever it is that

you're doing especially if you want to

get ahead like if I don't care about

this business and I don't want to get

ahead I can sit there and not say

anything but if I

want to increase my value in this

situation then I have to bring some

value without being told this is the

crux of the video is that you can't wait

for people to say if you're a college

student if you're a medical student if

you're a high school student you can't

wait for your Proctor River or your

professor to say you need to do X or

this paper is due blah blah blah or

whatever you just have to go out and get

it without somebody telling you I've

kind of talked about this concept before

I talk about this book called a message

to Garcia and in that situation it's a

little bit different I talk about just

going out and doing you know learning

stuff yourself but this is a little bit

different because if you want to let a

good letter of recommendation what you

have to do is you have to be proactive

and you have to be a self stuff people

always talk about a self-starter and

it's really important in business and

you know healthcare is business because

you're with the team and when you have a

team of people the other people on your

team like imagine if you're the boss and

you have to go and you have a hundred

people on your team what if you have to

go and tell each person what to do every

day like that's a pain in the ass you

just want that person to go ahead and

read your mind and they do what you need

to have happen and then come back and be

like here's the results it's all done

and so the boss doesn't have to do

anything and so that's the same thing

with letters of recommendation is so if

you're in college and you have a

professor that's like oh you want to let

a recommendation for med school or

something like that or you're in med

school you want to let a recommendation

for residency you know you can't really

just sit there and wait for the person

to say oh yeah these are the things that

you should do or hey by the way I have

this thing on Friday night at 5 o'clock

do you want to come to it you know you

need to go out and say professor


or dr. blah blah blah do you have any

cases this week that I can observe do

you have any research that I can help

you with so if you go and are proactive

with that stuff then they will say yeah

you know I have a case on Friday and by

the way these people are really busy and

I get emails all the time and people

want to work with me or do whatever and

sometimes I do and sometimes I don't but

it's not because I don't want to it's

because that email goes here and then I

get 40 other emails and that thing goes

down here and I forget about it if you

asked them one time and you're like oh

well he didn't you know come back and

say I have this case on Friday night at

five o'clock that you should join me

with that's not because he doesn't want

you there it's because you probably just

forgot that he has you know 40 students

or whatever and so on Monday you asked

him on Tuesday you ask him on Wednesday

you ask him on Thursday he's like this

guy's a go-getter this girl is a

go-getter yeah you know what why don't

you just show up on so-and-so I might

forget you know like so there's a thing

in business that in sales that people

talk about people don't generally buy

anything unless they've seen it six or

seven times and like if you go to buy a

bicycle you don't just walk into the

store and say oh this is the only

bicycle you have okay great I'll take it

you do a lot of research and the same

thing is with these people four letters

of recommendation

number one they need to see you several

times you can't just like have you know

one encounter and be like oh that was a

you know did an operation with sky go

ask them second in order to get kind of

integrated into this person's research

or their clinical practice or whatever

it is you're probably gonna have to

torture them and you're probably going

to have to do it multiple times I think

this is a big comment that I get is that

students come to me and say I don't want

to bother you

but you're you're bothering me but it's

okay and so if there is a surgeon or a

doctor or professor and you're a student

coming coming to bother them you're not

because that's why you know that's one

of the reasons they're in that position

they're a professor or they're a

teaching doctor and so that's they like

helping students and so you're not

really bothering you're bothering them

if you don't give it and you never ask

any questions and you stand there and

don't look interested that would be

bothering me more than people asking me

several times and actually I've had a

few people that do observer ships with


and it just turns out that because I'm

busy they end up having to email me

several times and I'm like oh yeah okay

yeah well I forgot like so-and-so and

they have to keep the ball rolling and

if they don't like those people just

drop off I never see him again that all

is applicable to getting a letter of

recommendation if you really want one

from somebody you have to go after it

you have to make contact with them six

to seven times probably before you end

up doing research with them or a surgery

or something like that well if you want

to do anything outside than normal you

may have to go and touch them you know

touch them as and have contact with them

have a conversation with them haven't

email have a text message whatever it

may be six to seven to ten times before

you're actually able to hook up and

that's okay I came out of that meeting

of it thinking about that for a little

while I think I think a lot of students

I can't say that they don't want to

intrude or bother somebody but it's just

the opposite like you have to do that if

you're going to get kind of ahead all

right okay you guys I hope you guys like

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