How to Treat Weed Dealers, According to a Weed Dealer

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and attraction keep the questions at a

minimum cover the referral is possible

and the encasement

this is a job you get tired people don't

come with hundred questions of

how many milligrams who attended what

you get it from for game Algie make it

we're not in a legal state so

you won't have the Liberty to be asking

all the questions and not you

know expect like some kind of lash back

if you know somebody that knows somebody

that's even better someone can vouch for

you the team but you don't call me you

don't call anything by what it's

originally rated as you're not gonna

call it ounce in-house people have this

sense of if they have the money then

it's on their time they're gonna buy it

then any Swope everything is sold by by

then but it's not really like that

you know I'm saying we're going to

McDonald's and even if you go to a

pizzeria you wait for your feet

so you know I'm saying and did your

money with you he says come on in you

know you do what you do go back there

watch the pizza man I you know I

kinda small to Arnold there's a lot of

people that just like the transaction

public words you know what did you do

today I'm gonna say weather is

possible you'd love to do it they'll ask

the same questions multiple times bother

passing you away while they're looking

out into the street just like this one

okay you know socially personally I like

this one is personalized if I met you

one time and you're asking to smoke me

up I'm 95 100% just gonna say no simply

because of you also go into circles and

just smoke anything you don't know the

people are putting in their own devices

what if I work if the repertoire is

built okay I love to get smoked out

if you make order and you cancel that's

fine that's okay things happen in life

but communicated don't wait for the

person to go there all the way wherever

it is even that's a block away with

something in hand and you purchase

nothing that puts that person's life in

danger for no reason

that is definitely grounds for blockage

do not text back after back at the back

wait for response you know that this

person is dealing with a couple other

things especially it's the only thing

that they're doing in their life give

them some time they'll respond back to

you don't talk about everything over the

phone keep your children away from any

situations in terms of you purchasing

drugs do not show up to a person's house

if they not invited you if they did not

invite you do not show up see the

dealer's house