How to Ask for a Day Off

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in this video we will show you two

scenarios that demonstrate how to ask

your manager for a day off the first

video features formal language such as

hello and have a great day

the second video features more

colloquial language such as whatsup and

SIA please keep in mind this might not

be the exact way your conversation will

play out but feel free to use these

scripts as guidance

lose your money hello Alma how are you

I'm doing good thank you for asking how

are you I'm doing great thank you Oh

what brings you here today I was just

wondering if I could have next Monday

off why is everything ok yeah everything

is fine I just need to go to my doctor's

appointment ah yes I see of course

thanks for letting you know hope

everything goes well with your

appointment thank you have a great day

you too bye why now that we've seen the

formal language scenario video please

take a moment to look at the script with

your tutor and maybe just some practice

rounds together we knew for ready to go

continue to the next scenario that shows

how to use colloquial language


hello mr. Marteen hail mom how are you

doing I'm doing good in you

I'm good things what's up just wanted to

see if I could get the next Monday off

well why is everything ok yeah

everything's fine I just need to go to

my doctor's ok

yeah that's fine thanks for letting me

know I hope everything goes ok thank you

I'll see you I'll see you

now that you've seen both examples take

some time and practice with your tutor

which words you feel most comfortable

using afterwards continue with the video

to review some discussion questions that

will help your learner further

understand the concepts present in this


when is it appropriate to use colloquial


when is it appropriate to use formal

language what should you do if your

manager starts talking to you in a

colloquial manner during the day when is

it an appropriate time to ask for a day