How to Ask Customers for Reviews on Google or Yelp

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well hello everybody I get this question

a lot how do I get reviews on Google or

Yelp and I thought I'd make a quick

little video about how to ask for a

review really more from a technical

perspective so I have the link in the

YouTube video description to the

materials and to my links as well so I'm

just going to run through this quickly

so you know kind of what's your scenario

you are an accountant your therapist

you are a auto mechanic and you have a

happy customer and what should you do

you should say hey thank you so much

really happy that you are satisfied with

the service we provided have a moment

could you do us a favor could you go to

Google because you go to Yelp and could

you write us a review could you write us

a review so be very very straightforward

nothing sneaky nothing crazy so what I

sort of show you how you can get some

easy links here so I've got the steps

here and let's talk about that I'm gonna

use this example of Clint Eliot CPA in

Tulsa I have no relationship don't know

the person just chose an example to do

this so what's your first step so you're

going to go to Google and let's type in

Clint Eliot CPA Tulsa so you're gonna

look for your business on Google and you

can see here I found his business on

Google and if he already has a listing

if you don't have a listing on Google

you've got to go to Google my business

and create that listing if you don't

exist yet so he already exists that's

the first step you've got to go find

yourself so I have that first step

you're gonna find yourself then click on

the blue Google review or if it's the

first one it's gonna say be the first to

review so I'm going to click on that and

then up here in this horrible URL you're

gonna copy that URL and then you're

gonna go over to a URL shortener like

bitly so bitly and that's good a bitly I

carry much it's good a bitly and then

you're gonna paste that huge Google URL

in and you're gonna copy that URL so

that huge URL is gonna be reduced to

something short and sweet so you can see

here I've reduced that whole URL for


Eliott CPA in tulsa to this little bit

Lee and I've got it there so you can

click on it and watch what happens when

you click on it you click on it and it's

gonna go right into his listing and it's

gonna pop up the review screen so

somebody could say hey write a review

right there so they could literally if

you sent this to them in an email

they're gonna be able to go right here

and click write a review so it makes it

really easy for that happy customer all

right so now you've got that so then

you're gonna send it you're gonna copy

that into a notepad file so in this case

you can get your own review you can be

at your own bitly obviously don't use

cleanse because you're not Kim and then

I recommend just copying it into a

notepad so let me drag my notepad over

here so you're gonna copy that URL here

so you have that URL and that's your

Google review so let me get this out of

the way here so that's gonna be your

Google review okay some have the Google

now for Yelp it's the same procedure

you're gonna go over to Yelp we get over

here like this let me open it separately

so you're gonna go to Yelp Yelp is

really important Yelp drives Bing as

well as a pretty big local service site

and Clint Elliot Tulsa and you're gonna

find his listing so you'd find your own

listing again I don't know Clint I'm

just using him as an example I'm sure

he's an excellent accountant you're

gonna find your URL on Yelp so that's

the rel there you're gonna copy that URL

then you can go over to fitly and you're

gonna paste this into bitly and shorten

it now if you sign up for a bitly

account you'll be able to customize it

so it could be bit dot Lior bitly comm

slash you know review me accountants or

something so you make it a little bit

cooler in this case i'm just gonna copy

that okay so now you've shortened that

URL so now I've got that shortened URL

for Yelp and again let's go back to our

notepad that's my Google and here's my

ex I'm not ex my Yelp okay so now I've

got that so if you take that URL and you

just paste it into a browser

it's gonna get you right into Yelp and

then you can tell that user Hey look

click on that red write a review button

similarly for Google right if they get

this imagine getting this is an email

you'd go okay and you're gonna click on

that URL and it's gonna take you right

into the listing and it's gonna pop up

the review screen and again you just

tell that customer click on that blue

write a review now they do have to have

they do have to have a Google or Yelp

account there's no way around that

they've got to set one up or they have

to have a gmail slash Google account or

they have to sign up for yelled count

there's no way around that so at this

point you will have let me get rid of

that blue screen there it's doesn't long

cooperate okay and you're really that

blue screen here because it's just being

difficult okay now at that point here's

what I recommend you do next so then you

can copy this email and you're gonna say

greetings thank you for using you know

Jason's dog washing service if you have

a moment we'd really appreciate a review

on one or both of the sites below go to

and then you're gonna put your link that

you just created to your Google listing

where pops up your listing with the blue

write a review button you know click on

the blue write a review you may need to

sign into Google or Gmail or go to Yelp

you're gonna copy in that shortened URL

for your Yelp listing click on the red

write a review button and again you may

need to sign up real so now you have a

nifty little email you can send after

they have the service you can follow up

and they should have it make it really

easy for that client to write you a

review now just a heads up just a heads

up I'm not advising that you pay for

reviews I'm not advising that you do

anything sneaky or crazy

technically both services say that you

should not ask for reviews however

here's the reality if you are not a

restaurant if you are not a barf you're

not something fun where people go wow I

said this restaurant like check it out I

want to write it real if you're a

plumber right if you fix the toilet

people that go oh my gosh you just fixed

my toilet I am so excited let me run to

Google let me run to Yelp and write a

review that you fixed my toilet in

reality that doesn't happen unless

somebody nudges a little bit hey we did

your plumbing your

happy could you do us a favor could you

go to Google could you go to Yelp write

a short little honest review about our

service that little nudge is very

important to help people to help

increase your review counts so again all

the reviews are in the youtube

description you can get to the other

reviews all the materials are in the

YouTube description you can get there

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this was again sort of driven buying my

own readers who said hey how do we do

this so there you go thank you so much

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the channel and all that fun stuff bye