How to Ask A Girl to Hangout Over Text (STEAL THIS!)

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So you’re texting the girl you like and you want to ask her to hangout…

But if you’re like most guys, you’re probably doing the following:

plotting the perfect way to ask her to hangout Waiting for (say this really sarcastically)

“the right time” Stalking her social media and seeing if she

has any plans so you can wait to ask her when she’s free

Texting her everyday like she’s your fucking penpal and not making any sort of move

Overthinking your situation and thinking your unique situation with the girl is special

even though I promise you…


Brooooo… it’s not that complicated.

Stop taking dating advice from your school friends who get no pussy.

It’s simple, really.

Like I’ve said before:

Texting is a tool to setup dates.

One more time… say it with me!

Texting is a tool to setup dates.

You don’t need a fucking penpal.

If you wanted a penpal you could just go on Omegle and talk about your feelings.

Hmm, maybe don’t go on there… you’ll probably just end up with a penis pal instead

of a penpal.

But regardless, if you want to ask a girl to hangout, here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Send her an opening text.

I usually start text conversations with something we talked about in the past.

Maybe it’s a joke we made when I got her phone number, or if I’ve texted her before,

I’ll mention something that we talked about in our previous conversation.

I almost always avoid doing the “hey what’s up” conversation thing because it’s not

romantically charged at all and is almost transactional.

It gives off all the wrong vibes.

It shows the girl that you’re boring and don’t have anything interesting to say or

add to conversation… leaving her to assume that you’d be boring and dry in person too.

It’s not flirty or romantically charged AT ALL

It also seems inauthentic because c’mon bro… do you really give a fuck about how

her day is going?

You’re just trying to get some pussy!

You’re not fooling anyone!

So avoid doing that entirely.

Instead do this.

Step 2: Establish conversational banter.

You want to create conversational banter that sets up a reason to hangout.

The best way to do this is to establish some sort of inside joke between the two of you

that relates to an activity.

If you followed step 1 correctly, this should be easy because it gives you a reason to start

conversations in the future and it makes it easier to setup a date.

I’ll put up an example on-screen now that shows a girl actually doing this to me.

You’ll see she insinuates the hangout by saying it’s her birthday and she’s bored.

I immediately took that as an opportunity to naturally ask her to hangout.

Simply responding “Ok so let me fix that” and then inviting her to hangout.

Booom boys… another touchdown for the Basedlympian Army.

You can set this up yourself by mentioning a really dope place that you like to eat at,

mentioning a movie you wanna see, or literally anything.

In one of my recent videos you’ll see my manager did this in his text conversation

by making the joke that he was an excellent dancer and he’d teach her to dance next

time they hangout.

Find something like that and incorporate it into your conversation with the girl and boom

you’re ready for step 3.

Step 3: Ask her to hangout.

This is the easy part.

All you have to do is bring up the inside joke you guys have, and then setup the logistics

of the date..

Aka just the time and place.

That’s it.

Now if you know about my trick, The Hangout Test then you know what to do.

Basically, ask her to hangout and if she gives an excuse or reason why she can’t just ask

her again in a few days.

If she rejects your invitation to hangout twice in a row, then you can safely move on

because she’s probably not into you.

Unless she gives you a LEGIT ass excuse as in someone is dying or something.

The reality is this: If a girl wants to hangout with you… she will find a way to hangout

with you.

Or she will make the attempt to reschedule.

Now if you’ve asked a girl to hangout twice and she rejects your offer you can implement

what I like to call “The Last Line Trick.”

Imagine you’re a fisherman, and you’ve sat out on your boat ALL day and you’ve

caught nothing.

This is the part where you throw your line out one last time to see if you catch anything.

You say to the girl, “this is the last time i’m gonna ask, do you wanna hangout on X

day and time?”

Or you say something like, “This is your last chance before I go full ghost, can you

hangout on X day and time?”

This doesn’t always work but it has a decent success rate and ends with the correct framing.

What you’re basically saying to the girl is that you’re a high value guy who values

his time, and that if she’s not willing to meet you halfway, then you’re gonna move

on and not waste time bullshitting with her.

The next time you’re getting jerked around by a girl, try this out and let me know how

this works for you.

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