How to ask a girl out over text - Example breakdown

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what's up you guys lured here with a

single guy and today we're gonna be

talking about two different types of

text messages we're gonna break them

down and show you how to ask a girl out

over text the first message that I'm

gonna show you is one that you've

probably used and I've definitely used

it's just a regular way that most people

will ask a girl out and we're gonna show

what's good about it and what could

improve in the second message we're

gonna show that how to turn that first

message into something that's fun flirty

playful something the girl is gonna be a

lot more excited about something that

she's gonna be a lot more attracted to

you about and something that's gonna

raise your chances a lot more for that

date so let's get right into it so so

how do you actually set up these dates

via text well there's the classic way

that people like to do it which is just

you know getting the details or just the

example that we'll go over right now so

in this example the guy is texting a guy

a girl named Megan you've ever met a

Megan quite a doozy

so he first writes what you got planned

this weekend all right I'm gonna problem

with that message you can be a little

clever with a few words but in general

you should have correct grammar so no

problems there and it's good that he's

asking about her schedule so if you're

gonna ask a girl out if you're gonna

like try and make plans with her you'll

want to know her schedule first because

if you if you stick if you say hey let's

go out for drinks Saturday and she has

plans Saturday then you're gonna get an

O and you want to reduce the amount of

nose that you get before you actually

ask to do something with her okay

so she says nothing too much just a

birthday party Saturday and then he says

okay cool want to get drinks at blank

bar on Friday I blurt out the name of

the bar obviously and she goes what time

and then he goes nine and then she says

sure that sounds good awesome I'll see

you there okay so there's not too much

wrong with this message but it can just

be a lot better okay it's it's just it's

boring it's lame it doesn't like does

anybody sure she'll show up but she's

not excited for it you want to get

before the date happens you want to get

them excited you want to get them

thinking about what's going to happen

and this does none of that it does the

bare basics which are sometimes just as

much as you need if the girl's really

interested in you

I've sent text messages like this before

but if I want

a little bit of flirtiness if i want to

add a little bit of fun and playfulness

then this is what you should do okay so

in this message this has taken almost

verbatim from a message that I sent

probably bout a couple months ago I

think the girl's name is not Carly so I

changed it so okay how do you feel about

sunshine and rooftops question mark I

like them both exclamation mark okay

this is a great question to ask how do

you feel about sunshine and rooftops

okay cuz it's non-threatening you did

you're not asking her out yet you're not

doing anything you're just trying to get

a yes and who doesn't like sunshine and

rooftops I mean any girl is gonna say

yes that if they say no maybe they're a

pretty big emo person or whatever but

99% of the time people are gonna be

saying yes sunshine and roof tops sounds


and they're also visually picturing

what's gonna happen before it happens

and then I say have you heard of hotel

xxx question mark obviously not gonna

give the name of the hotel she goes no I

haven't and then and then I say they do

this classy Sunday party that's open bar

for the first hour I say we go in steal

a few drinks and fool everyone into

thinking we're and upstanding members of

society and then she says lalalalala

OMG that sounds like my kind of

adventure okay I'm in alright obviously

I'm texting someone who's like in the

early 20s so for this if you can see the

way I didn't even call it a date I just

it wasn't even like a meeting it wasn't

just getting drinks it was I turned it

in what would have been just your

average ordinary party I turned it into

something creative I say we go in steal

a few drinks

fool everyone into thinking we were

upstanding members of society these are

all things that it's like she now she

can picture it she can picture us having

a really good time at this event and

pretending to be like you know really

you know pompous classy people when in

reality were just a couple of

knuckleheads having fun so this is

exactly what you want to be doing

describing picturing it now it's not

just your average date now it's

something greater the only thing that I

didn't do that I didn't show

was I should have gotten her schedule

beforehand which I'm pretty sure I did

before this message even started so I

knew she was gonna be free on Sunday so

when I asked it was pretty easy for us

to transition into that and I also got a

yes before I even asked the question so

I said how do you feel about sunshine

and rooftops she said she said I like

them both so she got I got a positive

response from the first message if you

get a lot of positive responses the

final message that you're gonna get is

probably gonna get a positive response

too so this is exactly how you want to

ask a girl out on a date over text and

how you want to flirt with her and how

how to make it fun rather than just the

average boring text message that you

sent so hopefully you see from this kind

of how to tackle flirting when it comes

to texting okay women love the story if

you make it seem really engaging

descriptive and visual it's gonna be a

lot better than just your average

message now again with these I wouldn't

stress about these individual text

messages too much experiment you'll get

better as time goes on but the few

things that I told you to focus on I

think you should try and bring that to

your arsenal try and make the date seem

a little bit more fun than just your

average everyday thing and I think your

success is gonna go up a lot more so

thanks a lot for tuning in you guys that

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