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there's been a lot of talk on how to get

your crush to talk to you but how do you

get down to business and get those

digits so you can plan your wedding

together you can just ask them but

that's awkward and scary let's face it

it's your crush you're scared make sure

you're around a group of people and say

you guys we should all exchange numbers

because of insert reason like oh like

I'm so bored like we should just do it

go up to your crush and say I know your

number is it this and then you'll be

like no that's not it at all like oh

okay then what is it and then he'll tell

it but then you have to have a quick

memory if your crush is someone you

can't talk to and is too popular for you

been there my whole life have a friend

who has his number or her and start a

group text to be like oh sorry I thought

I was messaging the group text huh isn't

this funny we're texting and it's just

does dawn just direct message them on

one of the many social media sites AKA

twitter drag message them a question

that you have and then you be like oh

this is so annoying like riding back and

forth on twitter

what's your number and then it's a

little less awkward because you've got

that social media buffer you're welcome

or you know what go up to that crush

write your number on a cute little piece

of paper and be like call me well

they're proud I won't call you they'll

probably type C or snapchat you but tell

me if these tips work for you because

I'm genuinely curious I already have a

boyfriend it's boring like I know his

number like I want to know what it's

like for those single ladies or single

guys out there tell me how do you get

your crushes number how'd you do it