3 Secrets To Removing Negative Items Off Your Credit Report

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hey what's going on friend today top of

a discussion is as follows

three secrets to help you get those

negative items off your credit report so

before we get started before we go any

further I want to take a look at this

image now in this image this is a copy

of my credit report and which I've taken

take a look at and March 2018 so as you

can see under the name you might see my

personal name but you also see someone

else's name Paul Herrera who the heck is


I had no clue who this gentleman is but

for some odd reason this guy's name

shows up on my credit report now

what if his name just shows up but what

if his negative account activity also

shows up on my credit report if you

don't know where I'm a full time real

estate investor now as a real estate

investor if I want to close on a

mortgage in which they take a look at my

personal credit and paul herrera is

negative account activity is showing up

on my credit report that could

potentially hinder me from moving

forward with getting qualify for

mortgage so now he qualified without

mortgage there's no cash flow and rental

properties to feed my living expenses

and I want my living expenses to grow I

want to be able to take vacation Drive a

nice ride but all that won't be possible

because of this guy's negative account

history showing up on my good credit

report so first things first you gotta

take a look at your credit report

there's a thing called a credit

monitoring service a service which

monitors your credit on a monthly basis

not highly recommend you do a monthly

because just like me if you don't check

your credit monthly who knows what's on

there and guess what credit bureaus make


unfortunately they report negative as

well as an accurate information on your

credit report which gives me this

detrimental for you to obtain the

financing that you

as well as one so it's important for you

to view your credit report on a monthly

basis using our preferred credit

monitoring services there's many others

out there you heard of the credit

Karma's or your bank might provide one

annual credit

was the problem with all those well for

one annual credit report is annual you

want to see monthly four to credit

Karma's free but they don't provide an

accurate depiction of your FICO score so

we highly recommend one credit

monitoring services check the link below

to learn more but let's get into it

after you take a look at your credit

report you order it yet that fresh copy

you see all the activity on your credit

report we as a credit pair company at

once in finance were very strategic and

getting those negative as well as an

accurate items off your credit report

now this is legal guys according to the

FCRA the Fair Credit Reporting Act you

have every right to dispute negative and

inaccurate information on your credit

report as long as you know how to cater

those dispute letters with the right

language that can be highly effective in

getting your FICO score up because you

want that thing to go all the way up

don't you

so this is our three secrets I have to

offer you the first secret as you seen

from my case you have to update name

variations so we have a step by step

system and which will provide to you to

show you how to update your name

variations so that way if there's any

nay variation that is associated with a

negative account if you dispute or

remove the name variation it makes it so

much easier to get that negative item

associated with that name variation off

your credit report for example my full

name is Juan Pablo Herrera Godzilla for

extremely long so occasionally lenders

and creditors they tend to provide me

right with different name variations

they might say wampie Herrera or just

Juan Pablo of Juan Pablo got so many

different name variations but let's say

Juan Pablo gato was associated with a

negative account on my personal credit

report to be strategic I would dispute

Juan Pablo gato so that it will increase

my chances of disputing that negative

item does 1 mark

rapport so that's what we have to offer

remove those bad names or name

variations that are associated with bad

accountants second secret you wouldn't

do the same thing for addresses so if

you have an old address and wish you

lived in a property a long time ago but

is associated with a negative item on

your credit report then you get the

drift right you want to dispute that old

address because that will increase your

chances the likelihood of getting that

negative item removed off of your credit

report simply because you were smart you

understood the loophole and disputed

name variations and old addresses now

this is the thirsty group opting out of

the credit bureaus if you're unaware of

this the credit bureaus are for-profit

companies they're not governmental

agencies they're not nonprofits in fact

they love to have as much information on

you as possible why because if you have

a low FICO score many negative items on

your credit report a lot of information

they have they're just their disposal

they will sell it for profit and guess

who they get paid the most spot they get

paid the most from companies and which

are considered predatory lenders they

realize whew this person has a low FICO

score a lot of negative items you know

what if they need a car I'm going to

send them some mailings and which that

individual is a desperate situation

because they won't qualify for the best

terms I will be willing to pay more for

the credit bureaus for that information

because I know I can make money off this

individual by offering them a higher

interest rate because they seem higher

risk because there are so many negative

items in a low FICO score so the more

information that credit bureaus have on

you the worse it off for you therefore

the less information they have on you

the better so they won't be able to sell

your information and it makes it easier

to dispute negative items as a result so

I highly encourage you to opt out of the

credit bureaus so that they won't profit

off of you and make money off of you

again they make more money by selling

your information to predatory lenders

offering so

subtle interest rates so if you're

interested in getting started if you're

interested on your credit port getting

started in credit repair so you can have

that pretty credit that Halle Berry

credit looking so pretty so fun the

every lender perceives you as an

attractive borrower that you know what

to do check the link below as always

guys this is to your success we want you

to earn passively and live passionately