How To Ask a Girl Out (At Work)

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Heya playas, have you ever had a crush on a girl that you worked with? If you do then

you might feel like there's a blurred line holding you back because you don't really

know what's acceptable. But in this video I'm gonna teach you what to do and what not

to do if you want to ask a girl out at work. This is The Josh Speaks. You're watching The

Josh Speaks. We don't really get to pick the people that we work with and sometimes someone

very attractive might just stumble into your job. And of you find yourself going gaga over

them, there's a few things you're gonna wanna do to make sure you don't end up as that creepy

guy that she tried to avoid. First, understand the difference between work friendly and work

flirting. People who are friendly tend to have conversations, share 15 minute breaks

together or even help each other out with things. What some people tend to do is misread

the kindness of someone as a sign of attraction. If someone is work flirting with you, then

there's a significant amount of touching, they'll try to spend more private time with

you and they may even try to pry into your love life. Now those aren't 100% exact signs,

but like I always say, don't spend all your time trying to decipher someone else's actions.

How they act right now doesn't really matter because what it all comes down to how you

choose to act. When YOU flirt with them, you have the chance to win them over with your

personality, your charisma and confidence which is way better than trying to sit there

and figure out, do they like me before I go in and do something? So once you've moved

into work flirting with her the very next step is to ask her out, and keep it casual.

Do something like go grab lunch together or meet up after work. Once again, her agreeing

to go out with you for lunch or even meet up with you after work isn't an exact sign

that she likes you. She may be doing it because you guys are friendly co-workers and that's

her way of just getting to know her team better. But nevertheless, it does start to lay the

groundwork that you'll need to start building it into something more. Make sure when you

go out with her on those mini-sessions, the focus on your hangout is on getting to know

her better, learning what her hobbies are and just learning more about her as a person.

I would also avoid using these short periods of time to hit on her. Consider these non-romantic

dates where your only mission is to get to know her better. That's why it's incredibly

important to save any kind of sexual interaction for outside of work. If you two agree to go

out with each other one night, that's where you kick it up a notch and start to show her

the fun side of you that she doesn't get to see at work., You flirt, you push, you pull,

you act confident, you do everything there. Now if you're finding it difficult to be physically

intimate with your crush, definitely check out my video right here on how to touch your

crush without it being awkward and you getting nervous. What do you guys think, is there

a girl at your job that you really like and you just don't know how to approach, leave

your comment below and we'll talk about it. Never forget that her primary goal there is

to work, so always ,make sure to put the work relationship ahead of any other kind of relationship

that you want to develop.. Be respectful of the fact that she works there alongside you

so if she turns you down and don't be that creepy guy who keeps pushing her because she

has nowhere to go. But that last point doesn't pertain to you because I know you're going

to do things respectively because that's who you are. As always guys, love and peace. Hey

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