How To Flirt At Work and Rules For Dating Co-Workers

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hey guys my name is Marnie and I am a

professional wing girl and owner of the

wing girl method which means it's my job

to tell you tons of secrets about women

so if you can be super successful again

dating and flirting at work should you

do it is it worth it can you handle it

will you take it too far how far is too


these are a lot of questions surrounding

something that is meant to be fun and

light and playful so here are my

thoughts about flirting at the office

the office is a place that most people

spend like more than 70% of their lives

so why not liven up that face by adding

some flirting into the mix that is to

say friendly Bantry not harassing or

sexual overly sexual flirting there are

several levels of flirting in the level

of flirting that's appropriate for the

work space is what I call connection

creating flirting which involves teasing

being playful sharing personal

information that is beyond surface level

conversation and making sure to stay

away from anything pertaining to a more

sexual nature there are really good or

bad ways to connection flirt the key

thing that you want to remember is to

stay away from being overly sexual and

if you do get sexual and that type of

flirting is not welcomed don't continue

to push it it's a sign that it's not

welcomed and that it needs to stop

immediately so as I said before the work

space should be fun and you shouldn't

have to shut down that playful side of

you plus connection flirting is the

gateway to discovering who is into you

and up for that next level of flirting

so if you shut up that first type of

flirting it's gonna become pretty hard

to see if that next level of flirting is

even an option so don't do it which

leads me to my next topic of

conversation should you date people at

work so after you've been open fun and

flirty most likely you're going to catch

the eye of some of the women in the

office and some of them will also catch

your eye hopefully I know a lot of you

may be scared to take that flirting and

turn into something more out of fear of

miss reading signs getting sued or

sexual harassment and possibly creating

an awkward situation in the

where you spent seventy percent of your

time I totally get those fears but I

also get that in today's world people

are super busy and rarely get to spend

quality time meeting and connecting with

people the work space can be a great

place for facilitating a solid

foundation in meeting wonderful people

here are my three questions to ask

yourself when deciding whether or not

you can date people in the work space

question number one do you really like

them or is this just a physical crush

that you'll be over once you get them to

the good question if it's just a crush

and it won't amount to anything super

serious I would avoid taking it to that

next level and just keeping it as

something that makes your work life fun

crushes are fun enjoy it but if you

think there is more there and you want

to explore

I say explore away question number two

can you handle being rejected so let's

say you guys date a few times and then

things look old she's just not feeling

it can you handle seeing her in the

office every day and be mature and

normal if the answer is no then don't do

it if the answer is of course which

hopefully it is you can be mature and

really mature then date away question

number three can you handle whatever

comes your way in a mature Mayor's it's

closely related to the question for two

but this is a really important question

to ask yourself and you need to be

really honest that means will you

communicate openly and honestly with her

about what is happening between the two

of you for example you stopped liking

her and you just don't see her as

someone serious or someone you want to

get serious with can you tell her this

or will you avoid avoid avoid if you can

be mature and can communicate with her

then play ball date away so if you've

asked yourself these three questions and

I've come up with mature honest answers

that say you can continue then totally

pursuance I pursue I mean start stating

your intentions and ask her out you

don't even have to jump right into like

a date scenario just yet but you could

say something like this let's go for a

drink after work it would be nice to see

what you're like outside of the office

maybe you won't be so

tight obviously business said in a

flirty way to continue on the flirting

you were doing the office then when you

guys are out step up your game and you

can start doing things that you may not

have done it at work like touching

strong eye contact getting close

these are all things that help you gauge

whether or not this level of flirting is

it go for her if it is awesome and you

can continue flirting and escalating to

whatever level you see fit

I think the work space can be an awesome

place for meeting other awesome singles

and having fun with them just make sure

that whatever level you take things to

with them you do it with respect

maturity and authenticity this will

guarantee lets drama which we all walk

and way more fun for you