How To Ask Girls Out At Work

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hey Todd I started to work in a

marketing agency were quite big about a

thousand people but still almost

everybody knows each other how would you

game at work I still haven't done it

till yet because usually my game is

pretty direct but I felt that when I

start gaming direct at the workplace

that it would backfire what are your

thoughts on this I agree

do not do not do not game direct at a

small workplace let me tell you what

happens when you do that you get a

reputation and it makes it hard to game

there and it makes it hard to work there

and you might get fired don't [ __ ] do

that ok however workplace is or any kind

of small social circle is the same

answer I would give for a small college

right I went to a college of 2000

students so similar kind of a thing what

you want to do is be social first sexual

second alright you want to develop a

positive reputation you ended up a

reputation as being friends with

everyone being cool with everyone you

want to talk to every single girl talk

to the ugly ones talk to the fat ones

talk to the [ __ ] ones talk to every

single girl and it doesn't mean you have

to flirt with or hit on every single

girl at all in fact publicly you should

not be hitting on anybody now

flirting teasing you absolutely can do

right you also should be sort of like

bro teasing with the guys all right you

should be just the guy who is has banter

in general and just is social with

everybody my first suggestion step one

say hello and goodbye to every girl say

hello and goodbye to every relatively

social relatively cool guy develop a

reputation as a cool social guy alright

from there what's gonna happen first of

all if you say hi invited people after

the second third fourth time you say hi

or bye to them they're gonna start

saying hi invite to you first they're

gonna start creating conversation with

you once you've said hi to someone like

three times you're in the elevator with

everything oh hey how was your weekend

and they're still in a conversation with

you you don't even have to open their

opening you because you were just a

little bit patient and that's what you

want you want like okay the two places

in game that are uber gaming that you

want to like they're a little bit

trihard and they're a little bit like

it's clear you are gaming is opening and

closing okay so if you can make opening

happen organically if you can make

opening happen to you instead of making

it have to happen by

you you've just done yourself a massive

servicing game especially like you

mentioned in that small environments

we're going to get a reputation if you

are opening a lot right but the

advantage of the small environment is

you're going to see the people over and

over again so you don't have to have an

incredible conversation with them the

first time you see them if you exchange

three words with them good job you made

progress you exchanged five with them

five words with them the next time good

job you made progress be a little bit

patient alright ideally what's gonna

happen because you're building a

positive reputation people are saying

good things about you girls are gonna

start to notice you and get crushes on

you from afar without you having to do

much right and then they're gonna be

talking to you it should be very very

easy over time to eventually invite them

out so rather than trying to get laid

today try and have a great reputation

that's gonna get you great results for

months or years in the future also just

as a thought if you are someone who does

have game I would actually err on the

side of not gaming in the workplace but

using the workplace socialization to

help your game in other ways so for

example if you game girls at your work

that can come back to you in nasty ways

however those girls the hot ones

oftentimes have hot friends if you're

going out with them socially you meet

their hot friends you sleep with the hot

friends well that really can't come back

to bite you in the ass work wise all

right that's a much much safer approach

also if you want to have a strategy

where you do date multiple girls or you

are a bit player ish in terms of like

you know you really are doing approaches

and going hard you're really gonna be

better off distancing that from your

work a little bit but that doesn't mean

you can't gain a ton from being social

at work it doesn't mean you can't gain a

ton from getting that good good

reputation and good sort of social

status going on and also if you are

gaming your workplace in the right way

meaning a social one not a sexual

trihard one it may actually help you in

your career as well if you are actually

friends with everybody when the time

comes for someone to ask you know who do

you want to bring into this team you'll

probably get mentioned when someone says

who do you want it who wants to be

promoted you know if there's a chance

that you're gonna stand out more in

someone's mind and you're actually gonna

get a leg up work wise too so rather

than it being a detraction from your

work doing things the right way should

actually be good for your work and good

for your game but again the key thing is


then avoiding the awkward opens also

avoid the awkward closes at work right

say you talked to someone for a few

moments or like a few minutes and then

she gets dragged away to go do work

don't be like hey no no two seconds wait

wait wait

I gotta get your number real fast you're

gonna see her anyway

chill relax she's not going anywhere all

right so so take your time be patient

and instead of trying to like [ __ ] one

girl today try and actually like build

something for yourself where you're

gonna have good social status you can

you know be with whatever girl you want

you can build a good relationship maybe

you'll be with the hottest girl at your

work over time all right so that's kind

of my general advice take your time

play it slow and you know just good

things will come to you with the right

steps trust the process all right so

that's a little bit on gaming at work

also again for gaming it in high school

gave me in college gaming in any small

social environment it's gonna be very

very much the same because your

reputation is absolutely everything ok

so just be building that reputation and

building the reputation it will it will

provide for you in the future

all right so let's answer that question

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