How To Ask A Girl Out In Your Office

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Tripp Kramer here from

A few hours ago I did a Facebook Live

which I do every single week

answering your questions on dating sex

and relationships. And I want to show you

a quick segment that I did from the live

show about dating in the workplace. If

you have a girl that's in your office that's in

your work and you want to get her out,

I'm going to teach you how to do that.

Check this out right here. When it comes

to meeting girls in your office, the

reason why I decided to make this video

is because I put out a video recently

called "How to pick up girls in your

class" and a lot of guys said well what

about the office. Because there's a

lot of guys out there who are past class

or maybe will be graduating soon and

they're going to be they're going to be

in an office.

What's the scenario there? Well if you

guys have watched the video of how to pick

up a girl in your class, the beautiful

part about it is it's actually it's

actually very similar. Except you're going to be using

different lines and things like that.

Here is the best way to ask a girl out

in your office. Here's what I want you to

do. First of all, before I give you the

steps, you gotta know that this is

something that could be potentially

detrimental...not to be too dramatic

here. But it could be potentially

detrimental to your workspace. Before

I give you the steps, you've got to think

about, is this a girl that you really

really want to be asking out?

Ok, so is this a girl that it's gonna be

worth it to ask out? Is she on your team?

Is she in the cubicle next door? Is this a

girl that you're working with a lot?

Where if you end up asking her out or

maybe guys end up dating, it's going to

get really weird and then you're stuck

seeing her every single day unless

someone quits or gets fired or gets

promoted? Really think to

yourself, is it worth it?

That's like, that's like step number one

there in terms of office. Now of course picking

up girls in your class in the other video

that I put out,

it really doesn't matter because class

only lasts so long and so what. Work can


I mean anywhere from you know one year

to 50 years depending on where you're at.

So, is this something that you really

want to do? That's the first thing I want

you to think about. The next thing is if

this is something you want to do, we

don't want to ask her out

and we don't want to flirt with her in the

office. I think that's a big no-no. That's

a big no-no. The office is not a place to

be doing that. Now of course if you guys

start dating and you get into a

relationship, be careful. I'm

sure you know there's rules and stuff

in terms of dating in your office. But if

you do

yeah you might be flirting in the office

whatever. I'm specifically talking about

meeting a girl for the very first time.

And so if you guys are in the office

and this is someone that you want to

ask out then what I want you to do is

I want you to create an event.

Okay, I would say in most circumstances

and most offices, you can probably do

something like this. And comment below

if this is not possible for you. We'll find

you another solution. But i think this is a

pretty much one-size-fits-all solution.

You create a happy hour. You get people

from your office out and about. That's the

magic here. You create some sort of event.

Easiest like I said is a happy hour. Get

people out, invite people out, send a

mass email. You know talk to people in the

office. Get her to come. Get her to come.

Now you can ask her in person like you're

doing with everyone else. You can email her.

You know get her on a group chain.

Basically the point is we want to get

her outside the office. You want to be

communicating with her and flirting with

her and getting on a more personal level

outside the office, not inside. Instead

of asking her out and saying hey let's

go out sometime when she's like I don't

even know you, or it's kind of weird. And

maybe you guys do know each other.

I still think it's better to get her out

in a more casual setting, right than your

professional setting. And get her out and

then you guys can connect there and

that's when you can get her number.

That's what you could be talking with

her and you get a chance to display your

personality and get to the point where

you say to her

you know it's fun talking to you. We

don't hang out enough. We should hangout

sometime. You know we should do something


Let's exchange numbers. Let me get your

number. Ok so that's going to be the way

you're going to want to do it. You're

going to want to ask her out outside of

the office. You're not going to want to

do it when you're in in the office, when

you're working, in the middle of the work day.

You don't even want to do it during

lunch even if that seems very casual.

Create that event. Create that happy hour.

Get her out there and that is the best

way to ask a girl out in your office.

If you have any questions below go ahead and write

them. I want to hear from you and we'll

talk about that a little bit more. Now if

you end up meeting her at the event and

you're not sure what to do to get her

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