How to Ask a Co worker Out! (Dating Advice for Shy Guys 2021)

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should you date someone from work hey

guys so I got a question about whether

or not it's appropriate to date someone

from work or pursue someone from work

and unless there's a rule in your

company that you shouldn't or you're not

allowed to or you're gonna get canned

getting canned is never attractive then

I say you should because there's always

going to be another job actually even if

things go south in the in the potential

relationship but love is evasive it's

hard to find that one person that you

have a really great amazing soulful

connection with and so if you think that

there's a possibility of having this

kind of connection with someone that

you've met at work or that you work with

then yes but you're not going to go

about it quite as assertively actually

as you would in a different type of

situation in other words what you want

to do is you want to actually put

yourself in the friend zone by inviting

this person to do things outside of work

that are in the friend zone which are

not romantically or sexually threatening

because if you don't know for sure just

yet if this person is actually

romantically interested in you then you

don't want to make it awkward at work or

cross any lines that are going to get

you in trouble or just make like screw

up that relationship at work so a good

way of doing this is just to invite that

person - I mean this is tough to do just

if you're kind of shy but you might need

to get out of your comfort zone and

invite that person to a social gathering

outside of work perhaps with other

co-workers and start to get to know them

outside of work but start with group

settings where it's not as intimidating

or not as obvious necessarily that

there's a romantic interest there so you

might say hey a few of us are getting

together you know Friday after work come

and join us we're going to be at the pub

or wherever and if she's got any

interest at all she will be there or she

will try to make a

arrangements like oh I can't but let's

do it another time and so if she can't

do try again another time and if she

just keeps saying no then you might be

reading the signs incorrectly that maybe

she's not as interested as you thought

she was or she's really busy and if

that's the case then you just say okay

look I'm not gonna chase you I'm leaving

it in your court if you want to get

together then let me know or let us know

and we'll do something now if she does

go and join you in whatever activity

whether it's at a pub or if it's a like

a work event that sort of off hours then

you want to try and just start spending

some time with her there and don't talk

about work like start talking about

personal things talk about her family

talk about you know her hobbies and

interests there's actually a great list

of 36 questions that you can ask and

they're actually meant to be asked in

order so that it starts building into

noose intimacy over a period of time and

I might actually do a video with those

questions and the reason why they're so

amazing but in the meantime I will put a

link to what those questions are now

don't use them all up in one fell swoop

because then you'll have nothing left to

talk about but you want to start like

engaging with these kind of interesting

questions that are not the

run-of-the-mill where you're from

where'd you grow up you know how many

you know siblings do you have all the

boring questions like you want to get

into the the meat and character of the

person and that's different than what

most people offer so just start there

and engage her response and as you if

it's positive and you tend to be able to

communicate and have conversations that

last a while then you might want to like

start saying hey let's you know I'm

going to this theater event I'm going to

this do you want to join me so you're

kind of working your way in to spending

time together more on a on a solo

one-on-one basis without actually asking

her on a date and if in that first

interaction if she does come out to the

group setting and you really have a good

time and she gives you all the signals

anytime a girl or woman gives you the

signals that she's definitely interested

romantically then

you don't have to you know play the

sneaky friendzone role to get close with

her you can ask her out on a legit date

and she'll probably say yes right like

you don't have to like go through these

steps if it's obvious that she's

interested in you and I've done other

videos on how to tell if a girl's

interested so watch those and if not

then you might need to just kind of go

through the friendzone and eventually if

she is wanting to spend time with you

quite a bit alone but she's not making

like moves on you or showing the green

light signals for romantic interest then

at a certain point then you do need to

start escalating a little bit on the

sexual tension by by introducing a

little bit of innuendo not necessarily

directed at her but to show that you are

a man and you are a sexual being but for

starters yes yes yes yes do find love at

work it happens all the time with you

you're supposed to or not and don't like

don't walk away from potential you know

amazing love if this is the person for

you so just make sure you're qualified

to get another job if it doesn't work

out that's up dude that would suck I

hope this helped what I'd like to know

from you whoever is watching have you

ever had a crush on a co-worker let me

know your story in the comments below

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