How to dress like a Country Boy? ASK A COUNTRY BOY EPISODE #1

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what is up y'all my name is Christian

Bennett and welcome to ask a country boy

this is the show where you you the

people send your questions to me that

only a real country boy can answer



today's question is a question that

every country boy needs to know and that

is how does one dress comfortable step 1

a dressing like a country boy is a good

pair of blue jeans you know what you

know I'm saying I'm not talking about

them skinny ones with all the rips and

the knees and the acid wash

no I'm talking about a good pair and

tight-fitting broken in blue jeans you

may be asking yourself how do I get a

pair of broken in jeans and break them

in yourself the best jeans to get are

blue not too bright not too dark

if rule-of-thumb darker the better also

bootcut are the best / preferably if

you're gonna be wearing boots which

leads us in to number 2 which is a great

pair of boots boots are a classic staple

of a country boy look I mean they're

great you get a well fitted pair of

cowboy boots or mud boots

if you don't know mud boots are there

more they look like cowboy boots but

they're usually a more waterproof

material usually count with which

leather you know cowboy boots have that

more they're more recognizable shall we

say you know you see somebody wearing

blue jeans and cowboy boots do you like

these from the country you don't see

anybody up north

it you don't see them you know with

their saggy pants and you know their

gucci sunglasses or whatever walking

around with cowboy boots

you don't you just like oh he's from the

country oh he's not another thing to add

to your country boy look he's a good

Bobcat I'm not talking about you know

the flat brim snit back no I just like a

ball cap you know it's got to have

turned in bill you know the net on the

back is optional and I got that American

flag patch to America but a great way to

take your hat and improve it even more

upon already having you know a ball cap

that fits good you're gonna wear

everywhere even where you shouldn't wear

it you know school church to lunch to

the farm to you know your aunt Ginny's

house to your weird uncle Bill's house

you what you want to do is you want to

grab the bill with both your hands like

this and you want to turn it in curl

that curl that bill in so it's almost

more pointed towards the top and then

comes out to at the Sun obviously it's

not going to stay quite as turned out

when you put on your head but it does

help at that extra look and you know if

you want to look more country when

you're walking around just you know take

your hat off and do that a few times you

know do it very aggressively so everyone

can see how country you are and bonus

points if you wear your hat over your

hair versus pulling it back that'll take

you from a nine to eleven all right next

we're going to discuss shirts now with

shirts is where you have the most give

and leave

in the country boy style to kind of make

it your own

you know you can do a lot with this you

know you could dress it up you get a

brand name Fripp and folly

I like tripping folly you get a southern

tide you know if you want to be more of

it kind that preppy country would you

know if you're looking for a more


look you could go with a camo you can do

mossy oak a real tree I'm you don't have

to do a name brand you can obviously

just kind of do whatever you want

usually not as bright colors not like at

me on you know more of a gray green

brown black blue red something like that

nothing too wild crazy obviously you

know you know if you if you get a nice

shirt like that you know bright color

it's just not gonna go with the rest of

the outfit you know it's not gonna go

with you know bloody brown boots blue

jeans or a camo jacket or a ball cap

you know a shirt that looks like it shot

a highlighter onto it so earthy colors

you know if you want to really dress it

up you can go for a flannel or if you

really want to kind of get that look we

want to get the ladies looking pearl

snap shirt pearl snaps are you know you

see you in rodeos and you don't know

what they are they got the more of like

a white button that's why they call them

pearl snaps because they're they're not

you know button buttons but they're just

snaps go together and they're white you

know they're not usually actually made

up pearls but they can I have that pearl

look make sure when you have a flannel

or that you always tuck it in but one

exception is if you're gonna wear a

flannel over a t-shirt which is a very

country thing you know weather's bad

like it is here you know a t-shirt with

you know good flannel over top keep you

warm keep you looking country a few

accessories that can take your look it

just elevated a bit in a subtle way you

know not trying to kill off too much

well cut depending on what you do with

it I couldn't necklace you know nothing

too shiny fancy you know I had this one

that's kind of like a dog tag you don't

have to have a cross obviously you know

if you have your if you have your


you don't have to be a Christian for

example to be a country boy that's silly

you can be whoever you want to be also a

nice belt belt buckle optional but you

know a brown leather belt with blue

jeans looks good you know if you do have

a buckle like I do you can you'd be very

subtle you know hoop your t-shirt over

the top of it show off that buckle a

little bit you know I'm saying also look

good knife clipped on the side you know

every country woman's got to have a

knife I'm sure I'll make another video

more in-depth on knives in the future

cuz that's a very classic country boy

look also good camo jacket you know camo

or like a brown leather jacket it's a

bit colder where you are you know camo

classic country look you know another

things if you have like a chain wallet

that would work too but that's more if

you're going for that like that rugged

like a tough country boy look like you

know Hoss don't mess with me then you

know a chain wallet hook to thing yeah

definitely Belt necklace depends on the


to save time hat necklace belt knife

not too much well that about does it for

episode 1 of ass country boy if you have

any questions that only a country boy

can answer make sure you put them in the

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